HarvestFEST (Revival) 2009: A Look Back

Free resource for youth pastors: Zach Gryder Evangelistic Sermon (mp3)

Yeah, so this blog is pretty stankin late since our HarvestFEST revival was back in October 2009.  I’m finally just getting/taking a little time to look back at it.

 HarvestFEST is our “revival” of the year.  We use it to strategically invite the lost, unbelieving, unsaved, and unchurched to our church to hear the gospel.  I hate admitting this, but I used to think this kind of thing was epically lame. Now I know I had just never been a part of such an amazing style of revival before.

 What made the revival so great was the speaker that we had.  We brought in RONNIE HILL, a seriously hilarious comedian who is full of integrity and a love for Jesus Christ.  He really sticks to the basics with a simple gospel presentation and very engaging illustrations.  I used to think revival preachers needed to go way deeper, but he really was perfect to reach the lost at the point they were at and bring them to Jesus.   Continue reading

FESTimonies: Student Testimonies from our HarvestFEST Revival


Click on the link below to listen to the mp3 of our Festimonies:

Festimonies and Announcements 2009 (mp3)

This is an mp3 of all the testimonies from our students regarding what God did i their lives from our HarvestFEST revival.  The first 10 minutes of the mp3 is how we do our announcements every Sunday morning.  If you want to skip that, feel free as you won’t hurt my feelings one bit.  Just simply skip ahead to 10:00 in the mp3.  We first brought up the 5 students who brought the most friends to student night of HarvestFEST.  We had 850 teens come that night.  A couple students brought over 30 friends each.  Another student brought over 20.  And many students brought 10 or more.  So the first 5 festimonies are from them.  These are an interview that I did with them on how they invited their friends and what strategies they used to get their friends to actually come.  Its hilarious!  But it is also a good way to learn how teens reach out and why teens come to church events.  The next 10 or so festimonies are from the students who were saved and/or baptized during HarvestFEST.  So you’ll get to hear how and what God worked in their lives from this great event and move of God!

Reflections from Revival: HarvestFEST

HarvestFESTI’m not really used to revivals.  I’ve been in them before, but not a whole lot.  When our pastor dropped the bomb that not only would we be doing a revival this year, but we’d also have a ton of work to prepare for it and would need a lot of money from our different ministry budgets to pull it off…I was not initially overly excited.  All “revival” meant to me was an evangelist coming into your church to preach a shallow gospel, to twist people’s arms to believe in Christ, and to sing an invitation song with 15 choruses to manipulate people to walk down the aisle.  This revival “HarvestFEST” that God had in store for us was totally different.

We had an incredible speaker, Dr. Ronnie Hill, come in.  Ronnie is especially known and gifted for speaking to teenagers.  So our pastor told me that it was youth who Ronnie would more naturally reach.  He was right.  This dude was good.  I got him into a couple of schools to speak with about 250 students before school…at 7am.  Many students received Christ there.  Then we invited those student, and along with our church students inviting their friends, we had around 600 teenagers counted who came to revival this past week. Continue reading

Hurry Up and Wait

That’s what I’ve felt like all day.  I’ve been hurrying all day to make sure everything is ready for tonight…but I’m ready for tonight to get here…but I have to wait.  Tonight is our student worship service.  And in the words of our studnets…it’s gonna be so CRUNK!

We’re unveiling a sweet contest tonight for a little incentive to our students to grab their friends and bring them to our revival called “Harvestfest.”  Pastor Zach actually doesn’t want us calling it “revival” at all.  So shhhh!  Don’t tell him I already said it. Continue reading