Storyline #25: Numbers 1-10 “WHO’S COUNTING? The promises, place, and people of Christ”

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One of my favorite movie series was Home Alone.  You remember, where the family wakes up late in the morning to catch their flight out of town for their Christmas vacation.  The family was so huge and so rushed that they forgot one of their kids: Kevin.  Then Kevin had to stay Home Alone, provide for himself, and fend off burglars.  My favorite scene was the bricks in Home Alone 2.  I’ll try to attach that here.  This movie reminds us: counting is important!


            In a similar way, Israel is about to leave for a trip, and they are to be counted.  But they aren’t going on vacation, rather they are leaving the mountain of God and heading towards the land He has promised to give them.  They also aren’t counting just to make sure everyone is present, but God tells them to count to show the people that God is faithful to His promises. Continue reading