storyline #78: job 42 “afflicted: totally restored″

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4 – Job 42 – Totally Restored (mp3)

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4 – Job 42 – Totally Restored (small groups)

4 – Job 42 – Totally Restored (service)

Sermon Intro Video:

Blake Hall (CBSM and BJHS Junior) preached a solid sermon last night on this text.  This is when Job has been seen as the Bill Gates and Billy Graham of his day.  He loses everything from Satan challenging God to a worship war.  Job blesses and worship God even in his devastation.  Job has terrible counselors trying to assess his situation.  Job then has a godly counselor tell him what’s up.  Then God lays the smack down and rebukes Job to never question why He does what He does because all of His ways are perfect and right.  And in Job 42, now that Job is found to be a faithful worshipper…God restores to Job twice as much of everything he lost in the first place.  In this sermon Blake shows us why, how, and when God restores to us everything we have faithfully sacrificed for Christ.  Its a matter of inheritance.  Its a matter of Jesus.  Its a matter of eternity.  Check it out!   Continue reading