One Hit Wonders: Turn Turn Turn (Book of Zechariah)

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Zechariah is all about making sure that you are putting points up on the board for Team Jesus. Through Zechariah, God instructs Judah to not follow the sinful footsteps of their fathers and families by practicing a lifestyle of repentance. He describes repentance as returning to Him and turning from sin. Check more out about it in these resources.

REBUK’D: Rebuke and Repentance by David Munoz (Jeremiah 21-29)

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4 – Jeremiah 21-29 – The Rebuke (mp3)
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David Munoz (CBSM & Sparkman Junior) absolutely LIT IT ON FIRE last night with his sermon on Rebuke and Repentance. This whole REBUK’D series has been building up to this point in the book where Jeremiah just unleashes on God’s people and starts rebuking everyone for their sin. David talks about the four different groups of people that Jeremiah rebukes, how Jesus fulfilled Jeremiah’s ministry of rebuke, and how we need to rebuke others just like Jesus. I wonder if there is this much sin in our own lives, our own families, and our own churches because we aren’t bold enough to rebuke others and not humble enough to receive rebuke from them? But honestly, the problem is that we don’t take sin as seriously as God takes it. If we took sin as seriously as Him (who killed His own Son for the payment for our sin), then we would rebuke each other, hold each other accountable, and repent of sin. So check out David’s sermon. This biblical concept that he is communicating would change every single student ministry out there for the glory of Christ…if our students would live it out!

LEGIT: Salvation Through Faith (Isaiah 44)

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This is a must needed message for all teenagers…and all students period. I’ve heard before that “you just gotta have faith” to be a Christian. But when I asked that person what “faith” is or what that “faith” should be in…they literally could not answer me. I wonder how many Christians might say “You just gotta have faith in Jesus”. But again…what is FAITH? What is faith NOT? What does faith mean? What does faith look like? How much faith does it take to be saved? What must our faith be in specifically…in order to be saved? Did you know that a person can “believe” that Jesus is God, died for sin, rose from the dead, and that He’s the Lord of all life…and they NOT be saved? Did you know that a person can be repentant of their sin and want to live a changed life and not be truly saved? So then…what is biblical, saving faith? Have we missed it? Have we heard it? Are we teaching it? Do we have it? I would encourage you to take a look and listen at “LEGIT: Salvation Through Faith.”

Framework #39: Best Book Ever – Question and Answer Session: Anything Goes!

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7 – Best Book Ever – Q and A (mp3)
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7 – Best Book Ever – Q&A (service)
Best Book Ever sermon intro video:

Last night we finished-up our BEST BOOK EVER series through the Doctrine of Scripture with a Q and A Session. We asked our students to text all of their tough questions to a specific email address where our audio/video guys received them in our booth, and put the best/toughest questions on the screen for me to answer off the cuff. We told our students that their questions would remain anonymous just to make sure they knew that they could ask whatever they wanted to and not be scared. We tried to answer the questions that went best with the BEST BOOK EVER series we had just finished, but then any question was fair game. Here’s the questions that we got to cover:

Why are there so many different versions of the Bible and not just one?
How can I persuade my friend about God and about how the Bible is His true and perfect Word? Should I use the Bible for this even though they don’t believe in it?
I am someone who went through something terrible emotionally and physically. I feel like I’m called to forgive this person and help them. Should I? Help!
How can Christians say they have a loving God when they are so against homosexuals loving each other?
What verses do I turn to in the Bible when I’m struggling with depression?
What happens to a person when they die? Does their soul go to heaven/hell, or their body too?
There were other questions, that I just can’t think of right now. So feel free to check out the mp3 to see how we handled these biblically, Christocentrically, and personally.

Do I need to forgive myself for my past sin?

I was thinking this morning on how many people tell me that even though the believe God has forgiven them of their sin, they just can’t seem to forgive themselves. Does the Bible talk anywhere about forgiving ourselves? Not at all that I know of. It only speaks of God forgiving us, us forgiving others, others forgiving us, and us asking for forgiveness from both God and others. Feeling the need to forgive yourself is a lot like feeling the need to give yourself money. If you don’t have money, you can’t give it to yourself. If you’ve got the money, then you already have it and you don’t need to give it to yourself. So in the same way, God is the one who gives us full forgiveness only through the bloody death of Jesus on the cross. If we don’t have His full forgiveness through our confession and repentance, then we couldn’t even forgive ourselves. But if we already have his forgiveness, then we don’t need to give it to ourselves. Read Psalm 32 and 51 for two of the most powerful chapters in all the Bible on confession and forgiveness!

CBSM sermon video on Nehemiah 7-10 (The City Life: The CBSM Trifecta)

Storyline #71: Nehemiah 7-10 “The City Life: The CBSM Trifecta″

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3 – Nehemiah 7-10 – Priorities (mp3)

3 – Nehemiah 7-10 – Priorities (handout)

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Storyline #55: 2 Samuel 11-18 “RELENTLESS: Righteousness in the Kingdom”

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I remember being over at a buddy’s house when I heard he and his brother whispering.  I heard my friend saying, “Don’t do it.  It’s not worth it.”  But his brother left, and my friend was left there hanging his head.  Apparently, not only was my buddy’s brother a state-wide, all-star athlete and a straight “A” student, but he also could have any girl he wanted.  What they were whispering about was that a female friend of his called and asked him to come over because she was lonely and her parents weren’t home.  

2 Samuel 11 is a very similar scene with King David.  Just after being included in God’s eternal covenant of His kingdom and winning many war victories, David goes out on his roof and looks over the kingdom God has given him.  He spots a woman bathing, and keeps checking her out.  He asks some dude who she is, and he tells David her name, her father’s name, and her husband’s name.  David sends someone to get her like a lonely teenage guy texting a girl he’s been thinking about.  This is an OT “booty call”! They had sex together and both committed adultery on their spouses.  She went home and told David soon thereafter that she was pregnant by him.  Notice David’s deep sin right after God covenants with him.  David had others help him in his sin.  David is in deep!   Continue reading

Storyline #48: 1 Samuel 4-7 “God Users are Losers”

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2 – 1 Sam 4-7 – Ark (handout)

2 – 1 Sam 4-7 – Ark (order of service)

2 – 1 Sam 4-7 – Ark (Scripture)

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2 – 1 Sam 4-7 – Ark (Outline)

2 – 1 Sam 4-7 – Ark (mp3)

            Do you have a good luck charm?  Some baseball players sleep with their bat in their bed, some football players get trainers to smack them across the face to pump them up before a game, and some hockey players dip their stick in a toilet to teach it respect.  1 Samuel 4 – 7 is all about a story when the nation of Israel had reduced God down to their own cute little good luck charm.  So be thinking, “Do you use God as your own personal good luck charm?”  Let’s take a good look at this passage and our lives. Continue reading