Taking It Up To Twenty Thous

I’m totally humbled that God would be using this blog.  For whatever reason, He really seems to be blessing it.  In just the last 2  1/2 months, there have been over 10,000 hits.  So I just wanted to take a quick minute to thank all yall for keeping up with it, checking out all the resources, praying for our ministry from it, and not posting nasty comments whenever you disagree with me.  I also wanted to take the opportunity to remind erbuddy of my purpose for this blog:

1.  Student Ministry Resources:  While being a student pastor, I have been shocked at the shortage of biblically deep, Christ-centered, and challenging applicable resources for students.  When all the public resources come out, the publishers seem to have to cater to so many denominations that the resources lose their edge, theological stance, and gospel focus.  So as our student ministry is fully committed to preaching all the Scriptures accurately, centered on Christ, grounded on the gospel, and applicable to real students lives…we put all of our resources on the blog in case other student pastors are interested in doing the same.  Also, I have to say, God has blessed us with a truly gifted media guy, Andrew England, who does all of our artwork, logos, handouts, slides, videos, etc.  You name it, he does it.  The dude totally makes me look cool…when I’m so not.  So with all that in mind, we put all our stuff on the blog to make a real difference for Christ in student minstries everywhere.  If you’re a youth pastor using some of our resources, I’d love to hear from you, hear what you’re using, and hear how God is using it in your ministry. Continue reading