Q&A for Man On The Island: Is Moti IMPORTANT to Us?

Free mp3 file of Q&A for youth pastors, small group leaders, etc:
5 – MOTI – Q&A (mp3)
Here at CBSM, we love to do Questions and Answers with our students. We believe Q&A’s encourage them to think through the doctrines and come up with great questions surrounding the issues. As well, it shows them how to answer biblically (from God’s Word) when they have a question or when other’s ask them. It also teaches them that its okay to not know something, and to search for the answer from Scripture. So feel free to either listen to the mp3, or read the document below on the tough questions our small groups came up with surrounding MOTI: Man on the Island.
5 – MOTI – Q&A (questions)
5 – MOTI – Q&A (handout)