Storyline #30: Numbers 25 “ISRAELITES GONE WILD: Sex, Cheaters, and the Purity of Christ”

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30 – Numbers 25 – Sex (Sermon Notes)

My friend just told her, “SHUT UP! You’re all lies. You’ve been cheating on me. You’ve been cheating on our daughter. I’m so sick of your lies!” This was really hard to hear from one of my best friends who married a very poor girl who grew up in a trailer park and didn’t grow up in a loving or very Christian family. He married her, he gave her all he had, he loved her, and he showed her the love of Christ. In return, as a nurse she allowed herself to be wooed by the compliments of a doctor, engaged herself in conversation with him, and eventually found herself meeting him in the private doctor’s lounge for several sexual episodes together. How sick, gross, and nasty is that?

Here’s the truth. Whenever we engage ourselves in continuous sin, we are cheating on God with Satan. Why does that seem to lose its sickness, its grossness, and its nasty effect? Continue reading