I Love My Church: Because We Hate Our Pride (3 John)

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Michael Harris was saved in CBSM as a 7th grader, baptized and called into the pastoral ministry as an 8th grader. It has been incredible to watch Michael grow in the grace and gospel of Jesus over the last 5 years. Michael’s knowledge, faith, worship, and life has obviously deepened as he’s matured. Michael preached for our KTL month last year, and this is just an incredible sermon from the book of 3 John that concludes Michael’s senior year so well. I’m so thankful to have been his youth pastor, and I know God will use him greatly in ministry!

One Hit Wonders: Ice Ice Baby (Book of Obadiah)

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I know something about you that you may now know that I know. I know this about you because God has said it about all of us. Here’s the truth: we are all incredibly cocky people. We all struggle with pride in some really sick and selfish ways. Our sin all comes down to pride because our sin is coming from a prideful spirit…Satan. Obadiah is all about God confronting people on their pride, and how we can experience humility in our lives as we live for Jesus. You will be surprised to learn what the actual definitely of pride is. Check this study out, and I promise God will get in your face, rebuke you, and restore you through Christ in humility.