POSTMODERNISM: Rehashing the Revolution Conference

mpostmodernismMy students came away needing a little more clarification on a session they went to on a postmodern worldview, so I thought this would be the best place to rehash the topic a little more. If you want to ease drop on this conversation between my students and I…feel free.

Alrighty students, so postmodernism…its basically just an alternative worldview which is a major way of thinking and perceiving all things within society. We see postmodernism everywhere. A postmodern worldview is seen in the movies, in music, in politics, in religion, in churches, in classrooms, in friends, etc. If you’ve ever heard someone say, “That may be true for you, but that doesn’t make it true for me”, then you’ve been around someone who has a postmodern worldview and mindset. If you’ve heard someone say that there are no absolute truths, that all religions can be right, and that there is no real basis for right and wrong…then you’d definitely been in the presence of a postmodern. Postmodernism isn’t just some philosophical study, its very popular! Continue reading

Framework #20 – “Doctrine of God: God is One”

01-doc-of-god-god-is-one-blog-pic2Free files for youth pastors:

01 – Doc of God – God is One (mp3)

01 – Doc of God – God is One (ppt)

01 – Doc of God – God is One (fillout sheet)

01 – Doc of God – God is One (sermon notes)

Right behind our church stands a huge Hindu Temple. Can you believe it? In Alabama “the Bible belt” of all places! If you’re not aware, Hindus believe in many gods: polytheism. If you’re a monotheist like me, then you think they are nuts, too. But honestly, our American culture has gone so “postmodern” and there is no belief in absolute truth anymore. So here’s what I’m thinking…if postmodern people try to tell us that their belief is true for them and our belief is true for us, then that means both their God is real and our God is real. And if that’s true, then why can’t they just be honest and admit that what they are really saying is either: “all this God stuff ain’t really true” or “there is really more than one God.” In other words, postmodernism (tolerance) really is no better than polytheism (Hinduism). But Scripture teaches monotheism: there is only one God who exists, and He exists in three persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). Continue reading