Quextions: Q&A Text Messags from Ezra 1-6 (Revival)

  Quexts are when our students text in their questions from the sermon in our last worship service.  So this video is my humble attempt to answer their questions.  Here are the questions: 

Is it okay to hunt?

What is Ezra 1-6 all about? 

How can I and/or my church experience a real revival about Jesus?

Is there any way I can stop the opposition in my life from living for Christ?

Storyline #67: Ezra 1-6 “WORD: Baby Come Back”

Free resources for youth pastors:

1 – Ezra 1-6 – Baby Come Back (mp3)

1 – Ezra 1-6 – Baby Come Back (handout)

1 – Ezra 1-6 – Baby Come Back (ppt)

1 – Ezra 1-6 – Baby Come Back (sermon)

1 – Ezra 1-6 – Baby Come Back (Scripture)

1 – Ezra 1-6 – Baby Come Back (service)


sermon intro video: http://storylineframework.com/2009/12/03/ezra-sermon-into-video-word/

            About ten years ago while I was working at a summer camp, a group of counselors and myself were standing outside the camp chapel waiting for our weekly “skit night” performance to start.  Our opening skit was called “the flour girl” because one of the guys would go around the stage asking every acting girl counselor if she’d be his flower girl, and they all told him “NO!” until he came to the last girl.  When he would ask her, she would then blow baking flour (that she had been hiding in her mouth) all up in his face.  Well, as we were standing outside, our flour girl had already put the flour in her mouth when someone made a funny.  She laughed and then accidently gulped the flour which hardened in her throat and got lodged there.  We all panicked and just stared at her as her eyes got wider and she started freaking out because she couldn’t breathe.  The crazy thing was that we all were trained in CPR and the Heimlich about a month before.  Since I was the in-charge program director, I did what every leader should never do:  I told everyone to take care of it because I had to go get the nurse!  About that time, she gagged, threw-up the flour and everything else, breathed again, and yelled at all of us for nearly watching her die!

             So many of us and many people we know are literally suffocating spiritually.  Just like our little flour girl, they need help. They need to be revived. People may even be around them who know how to help, but no one is doing anything about it.  Continue reading