The Marks of THE CHURCH: What makes a church, a church?

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So for real…what makes a church, a church? Is any kind of a Bible study really a church? Can any campus Christian fellowship basically be a church? Is the church really all that important as long as you have biblical teaching and Christian fellowship in your life? Does God really place all that high priority on the church today? What makes a church, a church? Jesus said that He would build His church and that wherever two or three are gathered in His name that He would be in the midst of them. Does that mean that a church is present whenever two or more Christians get together? In this study, we learned about the marks of the church. God said that He would be glorified throughout every generation through the church, and that the church is the fulness of Jesus. So, we better know what for real constitutes a church! Check it out: What makes a church, a church?

My Thoughts on Elder Leadership

Tomorrow we are having a historic vote in our church. The pastors unanimously (also the leadership team and deacons) are leading our church into voting for an Elder Leadership. Before this vote happens tomorrow, I just wanted to share my thoughts on it in case anyone is interested in what’s going on in this youth pastor’s head. My ultimate prayer is that we would not fight like the devil while we vote to glorify Jesus best in our church. Eph 4:3 is clear that the Spirit of God has already given us unity in our church, and its our job to simply maintain it. We cannot create unity because God has already blessed us with it through the gospel of Christ, but we can maintain the unity by being biblical, loving, honest, truthful, aboveboard, merciful, gracious, PEACEFUL, and kind even in matters where we may not agree. God, please do not allow us to fight like the devil while we are all making our own decision in this vote to lead this church like Jesus!

Here are 3 reasons why I am for Elder Leadership in my church:
1. A plurality of elders leading the church is biblical. Acts 14:23 tells us that Paul went around during his missionary and church planting journeys appointing elders (plural) to each church. The reason that is important is because many people believe churches should only have one elder/pastor. The biblical terms “elder”, “pastor”, “bishop”, “shepherd”, and “overseer” are all synonymous for the exact same biblical office. The only other office of the church is deacon, and that is a serving role while the elder/pastor office is a leading-teaching role. Our church does already have a plurality of elders/pastors. As of right now, we have 5 pastors on staff. 1 Timothy 5:17 says to pay your ruling pastors double (ha – it really does!) especially those who labor in preaching and teaching. While this post is nothing about money, this Scripture does say that pastors do rule (lead) the church, and that there are pastors/elders who labor in teaching/preaching…and those who don’t. 1 Peter 5 tells pastors not to lord their leadership over the flock, and 1 Timothy 3 says that every elder must be able to teach the church. So in view of all this, I believe that a plurality of elders/pastors should be in place to lead and feed the church in order for it to be a biblical church.

2. A plurality of lay elders leading the church is practical. People may be wondering, but this vote isn’t for a plurality of elders since we already have 5 pastors in place who are leading and feeding the church. True, this vote is all about adding lay elders to our existing elder/pastor team. I have heard statistics several times saying pastors can only effectively know and shepherd 150 people at a time. In other words, there should be at least one pastor to every 150 people in the church congregation. Right now we have 5 pastors and averaging about 850 people per Sunday. We just stretched our budget to bring on our 5th pastor, and our 5 pastors can effectively lead 750 people total (per the statistic). This means, we’re already running behind the curve. We have at least 100 people in our church who are not effectively being ministered to, and I guarantee you there are far more because we are so stretched. Some churches just hire way more pastors, but then that leaves less money for the ministries of the church to function well. I believe adding on biblically qualified and called lay elders to our existing elder/pastoral team is the answer. Ephesians 4:11 says that God gives “shepherds” to the church. I believe that there are qualified men in our church who are called to be elders/pastors/shepherds, but they don’t have an opportunity to do so. This will answer both our churches need for more shepherding/pastoral care as well as their calling to lead as elders. Continue reading

Happy Anniversary…to Me!

If you know that I’m a single dude, then the anniversary thing might throw you off kilter just a tad.  Today marks my one year anniversary that I’ve been here at my church as Pastor to Students.  Its been an incredible year of preaching Christ, seeing teenagers saved, seeing teenagers spiritually grow, seeing teenagers change, development of the student ministry, construction of the student facilities, focussing of the worship services, becoming more intentional with the Sundays school small groups, enhancing the Sunday night student ministry teams, birthing the KTL (future pastors) ministry, starting new mission trips, sharpening the media-look of the ministry, inaugurating the student Sunday school wing, etc.  Continue reading