Law and Order: FeastFEST (Leviticus 23-27)

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Law and Order – 5 – FeastFest – Leviticus 23-27 (notes)

Law and Order – 5 – FeastFest – Leviticus 23 (slides)

Law and Order – 5 – FeastFest – Leviticus 23 (curriculum)

The God of the Old Testament is a God who commanded His people to PARTY! In fact, the parties that God designed were ones that called His people to feast and to remember what He’s done and who He is. Each of the Old Testament feasts are fulfilled in the Gospel of Jesus in fascinatingly specific ways.  Continue reading

Storyline #24: Leviticus 23-27 “THE KING’S BUFFET: Foods, Feasting, Festivals, and Fellowshipping

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24 – Leviticus 23-27 – Food (ppt)

24 – Leviticus 23-27 – Food (handout)

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This is probably not a good thing, but one thing I am known for is eating!  Around here, we’ve got ourselves a Chinese restaurant called “King Buffet.”  I sure do eat like a Asian Emperor up in therewith all the cream cheese wontons, egg rolls, and teriyaki chicken I can keep down.  Another one of my favorite restaurants is a Mexican joint called Casa Blanca.  Their chicken and rice dish is mmm mmm good.  Continue reading