Free Halloween Series for Youth Ministries: Angels, Satan, and Demons

Hey youth pastors, small group leaders, Sunday school teachers, Bible study facilitators, etc! I wanted to give you a quick, free resource that you could be teaching through October as a series or just a one-stop sermon. Here is all of our stuff from our series on “Angels, Satan, and Demons” for CBSM. Feel free to use whatever you want as a fall, October, Halloween, etc series or sermon. Also make sure to search our blog for “spiritual warfare”, “Satan”, “demons”, “angels”, “evil”, “devil”, and other search terms like that for more sermons on the spiritual realm. Every teenager wonders about this, but also every teenager is affected and influenced by it in some way. So preach it straight up, straight forward, Christ-centered, biblically based, and gospel-grounded! Here’s the link for the series: