Storyline #20: Leviticus 8-10 “UNAUTHORIZED WORSHIP: The day priests dropped dead”


20 – Leviticus 8-10 – Priests (fillout sheet)

20 – Leviticus 8-10 – Priests (ppt)

20 – Leviticus 8-10 – Priests mp3

Leviticus 8 is the beginning of a time of celebration for the nation of Israel – God’s people.  Up to this point God has chosen them (Gen 12), freed them (Exo 12), fought for them (Exo 14), and taught them how to be His (Exo 25-40, Lev 1-7).  Here, God commanded Moses to ceremonially consecrate (set-apart) the sons of Aaron for the holy priesthood.  Moses did so by having them washed, changed into new clothes, anointed with oil, blood sacrifices on the bronze altar – all for 7 days.  On the 8th day, you could feel the excitement, the anticipation, the expectation.  If they had done everything right, the glory of the Lord would fall and consume these final sacrifices made on the 8th day on behalf of the priests since they too were sinners before God.  Sure enough, the glory of the Lord in the form of fire fell from heaven, consumed the sacrifices made on the altar, and the people responded, shouted, and fell on their faces. Continue reading