True belief in the GOSPEL, a real love that is RELATIONAL, and a life that MAKES DISCIPLES will live on MISSION.

The Gospel is ultimately the mission of God by the ultimate missionary, Jesus. Jesus is our missionary model because He stepped out of His home, became like the people He left to reach, served us, sacrificed Himself for us, and rose from the dead to complete His mission.

Everyone loves a little adventure. My greatest adventures growing up were on our annual family vacations. I loved going to new places, seeing new things, eating new foods, and even meeting new people. There was one thing true about all of our family vacations…we always ended up in an argument. I’m confident the reason we ended up in an argument is because vacation is always our own personal needs, wants, desires, etc.

What if the adventures we were created for weren’t vacations but trips on mission? I’ve seen very few arguments breakout on mission trips because mission trips aren’t about us, but they’re about serving Jesus and others.

I remember being on a mission trip with a student ministry in the country of Belize. I was preaching a message in a church there one night on Acts 20. The message was on how that local church could continue our mission since our group would be leaving shortly. While I was preaching, the Holy Spirit convicted me that we weren’t living in our own city what I was preaching.

We need to not only take students on mission trips, but we also need teach students how to live missionally on a daily basis.

Missionally Living means to live in such of a way every day that someone could get saved.

Gospel-faith, Relational-love, and Making Disciples is a life that naturally lends itself to Missional Living (Luke 24).

Luke 24:47 talks about Missional Living in 3 words:

  1. Repentance. It is our pleasure to be able to proclaim to the world that they get to turn from their sin to Jesus in faith alone.
  2. Forgivness. It is our joy to be able to proclaim to the world that God has offered them forgiveness of all sin in faith in Jesus alone.
  3. Witness. It is our passion to be able to spread the name of Jesus to the world so that they know the name by which all can be saved!

Here are 3 free resources to download from our studies designed for our students to live on mission:

GamePlan – 12 – Missional – Matthew 28 (curriculum)

GamePlan – 12 – Missional Call – Matthew 28 (sermon)

GamePlan – 13 – Missional Community – Philippians 2 (sermon)

GamePlan: MISSIONAL Living to Your Community (Philippians 2:12-16)

GamePlan – 13 – Missional Community – Philippians 2 (sermon)

This sermon was designed to challenge students to live missionally to their community.

You can read the other articles in this series or check out more disciple making resources at https://youthgrouptruth.com/category/disciple-making/

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CBSM One Day Food Drive

food drive poster
CBSM, here’s your reminder of our One Day Food Drive tomorrow: Sunday, May 5th. We are running this Food Drive for our church’s mission trip to KY. The part of Ky they are going to does not have much food. Many are starving or malnourished. Also, that area of KY is very malnourished spiritually. They need to hear the gospel. Jesus loved to feed people and then share the gospel with them. Think about Him feeding the 5000, feeding the 4000, etc. He showed them that He is where they will be taken care of eternally! Continue reading

Bringing THE CHURCH Back 2 Life: The Church at Colossae

Free resources for youth pastors, small group leaders, parents, teens, etc:
7 – The Church B2L – Colossians (audio).mp3
7 – The Church B2L – Colossians (handout).pdf
7 – The Church B2L – Colossians (ppt).ppt
7 – The Church B2L – Colossians (notes).doc
7 – The Church B2L – Colossae (service order).doc
7 – The Church B2L – Colossians (small groups).doc
This is a CBSM sermon where basically I’m thinking out loud and processing what I believe God has been teaching me over the past year. He’s revealed to me how we are basically an Attractional Ministry and how we lack being a Missional Ministry. I believe that it is biblical to have a healthy balance of both Attractional and Missional Ministry. So check this message here to hear my thoughts out loud on processing through a transition from Attractional to Missional Ministry.

CBSM Christmas Partay 2012: Wed, Dec 12

CBSM’s Christmas Partay will be Wednesday, December 12 in our FLC Gymnasium.
We’ll party it up from 6:30 – 8:00pm.
Middle Schoolers bring a 2 liter soft drink or 2 gallon sweet tea.
High Schoolers bring a dessert.
We will have our own Christmas Jazz Band.
Everybody invite and bring your friends.

CBSMers bring a gift for our Salvation Army Christmas Tree Angels. Like last Christmas, this Christmas we want to be missional with the gospel by being a blessing families in need in our area. Each of our CBSM small groups have adopted a “Salvation Army Christmas Tree Angel” family. We want to give gift gifts to the kids in these families, but we also want to share Jesus with them! So we’re asking each of our CBSM students to write a letter with their personal salvation testimony while sharing the gospel with these kids and families. Jesus could make this the best Christmas of their entire life! In your personal testimony, be sure to include Jesus as God and man, Jesus’ sinless life, Jesus’ death and burial, Jesus’ Lordship and resurrection, and our need for repentance of sin and faith in Him!
Christmas Angel Parent Letter.doc

How we do FCA, First Priority, and other School Groups

While I’ve been involved in several FCA’s, First Priority’s, and many other school groups, I’ve always racked my brain on the best way to do them. What’s the most biblical? What is their ultimate purpose? By no means am I saying that I think I have the only way whatsoever! I’m just saying that this is the way God has led me to do it, it makes the most sense to me, and its the most effective.

1. The purpose of these school groups are ultimately for the GOSPEL! I personally don’t think its the best idea to just have another Bible study for these teens early on whatever morning during the week, to give them a few helpful hints for their Christian lives, and to send them on their way for the day. They should be having their own Bible study at home, and also hearing multiple Bible lessons each week at church! These students are entering into a wicked gauntlet of worldliness called the halls of high school. They are going through more than we ever did and could ever imagine. They don’t need helpful hints…they need to hear the power of Jesus through the gospel WITHIN them and done THROUGH them! I’ve been in several school groups with 100+ teens who show up early to hear what the speaker has to say…AND NOTHING IS SAID ABOUT JESUS?! Why are we wasting our time and theirs with giving them religious crap? Give them Jesus! Give them the gospel! Put it into action for them! Remind them the power that’s within them! Continue reading

The Mission of THE CHURCH (Acts 20:17-24)

Free downloads for youth pastors, small group leaders, etc:
5 – The Church – The Mission (mp3).mp3
5 – The Church – The Mission (notes).doc
5 – The Church – The Mission (small groups).doc
There is a huge difference in the today’s understanding of missions and the Bible’s description of being missional. We normally think of missions today as a trip, an offering, a budget, and an option. Check out this study to see how the Bible describes what it means to be missional, the differences, and the attitude!