One Hit Wonders: Achy Breaky Heart (Book of Nahum)

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Nahum was one of the toughest books that I’ve ever had to preach. First of all, it was really tough to understand initially. And then once I understood the book, it was crazy difficult to try to put into words for the teens. Nahum might sound like a pansy name, but the book is extremely intense. Its themes are God’s judgment, wrath, jealousy, and vengeance on sin and sinners. God says things in this one book that will make you wonder if you’re reading the Bible and if you’re actually believing in the right God. He goes all out on His description of hatred, and He opens up a can on the Assyrians. Check this out!

One Hit Wonders: You Had A Bad Day (Book of Joel)

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Its all about one day! The question is: will it be a bad day or a good day for you? This one day is the most important day in your whole existence. I’m talking from the day you were born until the rest of your eternal life…this is the most important day ever. What day is that? Its the day that the book of Joel is about. He calls it “The Day of the Lord.” You need to read and hear about this book to see how to turn this terrifying day into the best day you could ever imagine!

Sermon Intro Video: One Hit Wonders (Series on the Minor Prophets)

Here is our sermon intro video for our series on the Minor Prophets that we’re calling: One Hit Wonders. You will enjoy the smooth dance skills of our own Andrew England (media guy) and Jason Cunningham (worship guy). And since they are so smooth, they take away from my dance skills. So you might notice me a little off beat, out of step, and maybe even mumble through some of the words. I think this is what they might call a “ministry killer.” Even though Jason and Andrew got about 10 takes, I only got 2. Just wanted to make that clear. Either way…enjoy the show…our students sure did!