10 Ways Student Pastors Can Kick-Start Disciple Making in Their Student Ministry (Part 2)


Many years ago when I was a newbie in disciple making, I did things the hard way. I remember meeting for hours at coffee shops as different students would come in for 45 minutes each. I would disciple every one of them individually. Many times a disciple making session would go overtime, and disciples would need wait in line for their turn.

It was then I figured I needed a new strategy to simplify my disciple making or I would be jittery from spending all day in a coffee shop. I began reading authors like Robby Gallaty who were passionate veterans at making disciples. When I came across a much more simple, effective way to make more disciples, my life got much easier.

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I Love My Church: Because We Fight Like Family (Titus)

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Who is not addicted to their phones these days? We’re addicted to texting, Twitter, Instagram, emails, Facebook, Snapchat, etc because we are ultimately addicted to relationships. We love to stay involved in each others lives. We’re addicted to all of that social media because God created humanity for community. The reason we get bored with church is because we tend to look at it as getting knowledge rather than growing in relationships. We tend to get bored with Jesus because we look at Him as a truth rather than a real relationship. Church is more than knowledge, and Jesus is more than a truth! God’s awesome design for us is to grow in truth and knowledge through relationship with others. We need to learn from others who have lived for Jesus. Check out this study in Titus on exactly how God calls us to do this. What are your thoughts?

Youth Pastors Partnering with Parents in Teen Mentoring

By Aaron T. Colyer
Student Pastor @ MacArthur Blvd Baptist Church

The ability to echo the words of Paul saying ‘follow me as I follow Christ,’ and pour your life into a younger believer is one of the best joys a Christian can experience. I am grateful for my friend Chip and his recent blog “Gospel Centered Discipleship.” His focus on evaluating the conversations and questions we give to those whom we spiritually mentor through the grid of Jesus’ obedience, death, resurrection and Lordship is fantastic!

In my ten years of student ministry the LORD has taught me some things about mentoring as well. It’s been an adventure filled with: spiritual fruit and rebellion, victories and failures, celebrations and sorrow, laughter and tears. Much time has been spent in prayer, with open Bibles, doing evangelism, hanging out, memorizing Scripture, sharing family meals, talking relationships, confessing sin, attending events, and reading books in mentoring relationships with students. The one thing that has changed from when I began mentoring students is the emphasis I give to establishing relationships with the teenager’s parents. Continue reading

CBSM Small Groups Leaders Training Retreat

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Small Group Leaders Retreat – Biblical Fellowship – Session 1

Small Group Leaders Retreat – Big Picture – Session 2

Small Group Leaders Retreat – Be Christ-Centered – Session 3

Small Group Leaders Retreat – Biblical Importance of Storyline and Application – Session 4

Small Group Leaders Retreat – Big Questions – Session 5

I don’t know about you, but earlier on in my ministry I would have done just about anything to get my hands on a very practical series concerning small groups (or Sunday school) specifically for student ministry.  I’m putting this resource out there for everyone in case it might be a help and a blessing to your youth ministry…wherever you are.  These mp3s are the teaching sessions of our annual small group leaders retreat.  Continue reading

Restructuring Student Small Groups – A Huge Hit!

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 About a month and a half ago, we decided to experiment with restructuring our small groups away from just another teaching time and to a time of building relationships.  So far after experimenting with it for several weeks, it’s been a huge hit.  Jennifer is one of our senior students who we’ve given the responsibility to step down into the 7th grade girl’s class to learn leadership, mentoring, facilitation, etc.  You’ll love what she emailed me about how this new small groups structure is enhancing her class’ experience:

 I LOVE this new Sunday school plan. Our girls are getting much more out of it (and me to). We haven’t been able to get them to read the books or the Bible reading plans no matter what. But I guess now that they go together (Wednesday worship and Sunday small groups), a lot more are starting to read it. And they have all said that they don’t really read their Bibles, especially the old testament, because they think it’s boring and confusing, but they’re seeing on Wednesday nights that it is not at all, and how applicable it really is, so after they hear it preached, they’ll go home and read it because it gets them interested, and they’ve heard it preached so they understand it.  And with them reading it the discussions are soo much better, they actually talk!!  Haha, Its just great….Thanks for everything. =)

 Now if you think I put her up to that or even asked her what she thought…you’ve bumped your head.  That email just totally came out of the bleu, straight from her heart, and got me pumped!  Here’s how the big switch, restructuring, and new system all happened what we’re doing now, and how its all going… Continue reading