FLAME Concert at Capshaw TONIGHT (Oct 5, Wed)

You heard me! Flame is coming to Capshaw on October 5! This FREE concert starts at 6:30pm that Wednesday night. Our doors open for you to get the best seat in the house at 6:00pm. We are inviting all youth ministries, all teenagers, and everyone we can get the word out to…to be here. We are encouraging everyone to bring their LOST, UNSAVED, and UNCHURCHED friends as well! FLAME is not some lame wanna be rapper. This dude is the real deal. Anyone who loves hip-hop will love him, and he will preach a strong gospel all about Jesus both in his lyrics and between songs. We want to see people saved through this event! Capshaw Baptist is located at 14944 Dupree-Worthey Rd in Harvest, AL. Our auditorium can hold 1000 people, so come pack it out!

CRISIS COUNSELING: School Shooting in Madison

It has been a day filled with emotion, hurt, fear, drama, anxiety, worry, and chaos. The world of safety and security has been toppled upside-down for so many middle schoolers in the Madison, AL area. I heard from our secretary around 2pm today that the shooting had occurred at Discovery Middle. My phone started blowin-up with calls and text messages from concerned parents and students. Another youth pastor in the area called me and said he could get us into the schools (which were on lockdown) to minister to the kids. We went out there, got on campus, past the perimeter police, but then they wouldn’t let us in the doors.

We had several students from our church in the school during the time of the shooting.  A student was in the same hallway as the shooting, a student had just left the hallway right before the shooting, and several others were still in the building.  Some of our students knew the victim.  Some of our students knew the shooter.  One had lunch with him.  One had a class with him.  To say the least from this huge tragedy, our students are dealing with fear, anxiety, hurt, sadness, worry, vulnerability, doubt, and confusion.  A youth pastor’s question is always, “How do we counsel them?”  

1.  Whenever I counsel a student, I always make sure to listen.  Continue reading