Framework #19 – MACRO Theology – The Theological Triage

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When I was visiting some people in the hospital last week, I noticed a college aged girl who was walking in a group of people…but she was limping pretty badly.  I guess it didn’t throw me off to badly since I had already seen one patient walking around in a construction hard-hat and another walking around in furry-bunny slippers.  A minute or two after the group had passed, the girls came walking back towards us again, this time all by her lonesome.  She stopped and asked me if I knew where the emergency room was.  Apparently, this girl had been walking around the hospital with a torn ACL…looking for the emergency room!  She definitely needed immediate attention since her knee was swollen to the size of a honeydew melon.  But what if someone walked in with a gun-shot wound, or a woman in labor, or someone vomiting, or someone with diarrhea (yeah, I’m going to stop there)?  Which one should get attention first, second, third?  Hospitals have developed a system for these kinds of dilemmas called “triage.”  Triage comes from a French word meaning “to sort.”  And this system will help us theologically. Continue reading