The Jesus Series: Is Jesus Really God?

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the-jesus-series-packet (curriculum)

This sermon kicked off our series through September on the doctrine of Jesus simply called “The Jesus Series.” This sermon was also our Parent Party where we invited all the parents of our students to join us for this Wednesday night of worship. On this night, we proved from Scripture that Jesus truly is God and what that means for our practical lives as parents, teenagers, etc.  Continue reading

White Flag: The Ultimate Motivation for Witnessing [by Quin Shipp]

Quin Shipp finished up our series on Sharing Your Faith with a sermon Deuteronomy 8. His bottom line: “When we remember what the Lord has done for us, it motivates us to share Him with others.” In other words, the Gospel is our ultimate motivation for sharing the Gospel with others.  Continue reading

White Flag: Change Your Filter

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Everyone uses a filter for their pictures on Instagram. In the same way, everyone sees life through a filter. Its important to first identify your filter, and then change your filter to make sure you’re seeing life correctly. “Jesus became our curse so that He could be our blessing.”  Continue reading

Join The Rebellion: Rebel Against Hopelessness


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3 – Join The Rebellion – Numbers 13-14 – Heaven (notes)

Join The Rebellion – 3 – Heaven – Numbers 13-14 (slides)

This study by Liberty Students is about the Number’s narrative when the spies went to check out the Promise Land. In the same way, God has given us glimpses in His Word to check out our eternal Promise Land.  Continue reading

Straight Outta Egypt: Power On Display (Exodus 7-12)

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3 – Straight Outta Egypt – Plagues – Exodus 7-12 (notes)

Straight Outta Egypt – 3 – Plagues – Exodus 3 (slides)

Straight Outta Egypt – 3 – Plagues – Exodus 7-12 (curriculum)

This week’s Liberty Students message was on the 10 Plagues and the Passover from Exodus 7-12. What do the 10 Plagues that God poured out on Egypt have to do with us today? What do they and the Passover have to do with the Gospel? How can we learn from them and live for Jesus more? All of that will be answered in this important message from our series Straight Outta Egypt.

Straight Outta Egypt: Leadership (Exodus 2-6)

Straight Outta Egypt is our series moving through the first part of Exodus. This message was on learning about leadership through the book of Moses. Although Moses was not a model leader in the beginning, we do learn about our call to lead through His call to lead from God. Here are some quotes from our sermon that are very important for students to live.

Everyone is looking for a leader.

Leadership is simply following Jesus and bringing others with you.

Jesus is our Better Moses.

Jesus is not your Savior if you don’t follow Him as your Leader.

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Straight Outta Egypt – 2 – Leadership – Exodus 2 (slides)

Straight Outta Egypt – Leadership – Exodus 2-6 (notes)

Sermon Writing Template


Every Youth Pastor,

I wanted to pass along to my weekly sermon writing template that I personally created. This helps me not to start from a blank slate, but to think creatively within categories that will ultimately develop a Gospel-centered sermon for my students from God’s Word. I pray this is as helpful for you as it has been for me.


Feel free to download it, change it up, and make it your own.

CENTRIC Sermon Preaching Template (pdf)

(You will see some names that I’ve listened to for years. I’ve listened to some for theology and some for communication. If they are in my template, I do not necessarily endorse their theology or ministry.)

How To Teach Systematic Theology to Students


Here are my personal thoughts on how to teach Systematic Theology in Student Ministry:

Make sure that Every Lesson, Session, and Doctrine are Fulfilled in Jesus. There is no such thing as biblical truth that does not lead to or center on Jesus. Remember, there were a group of people that taught Bible truths absent of Jesus: the Pharisees. Today there are a huge group of people that continue to teach truths absent of the Gospel: Legalists. Truth is not understood in depth or fulness if it is not connected to Jesus.

Teach Systematic Theology to your whole Student Ministry. Don’t just teach Systematic Theology in a book study or small group study. I highly suggest teaching Systematic Theology to your whole during Wednesday worship service or in Sunday morning Small Groups. I believe every student needs to learn from both Biblical Theology and Systematic Theology. Biblical Theology is the foundation to the best understanding and teaching of Systematic Theology. Some students learn better in narrative (literature, Biblical Theology) while others learn better in logic (mathematics, Systematic Theology). I believe a healthy view of both will help round-out a students theological understanding of Scripture. But also, preaching and teaching Systematic Theology to your whole student ministry will help you be accountable to communicate it with more illustration and application.  Continue reading

Do Not Teach Students Systematic Theology If…


I love Systematic Theology. Seriously, I read the stuff for pleasure. Systematic Theology has been my most favorite classes, conversations, and  lessons to teach. I have seen Systematic FIRE UP students, but I’ve also seen it tear down relationships. Here are some thoughts on “Do Not Teach Students Systematic Theology If…”

First of all, we must answer the question, “What is Systematic Theology?” Think of playing a sport. Sports is not all about the game, but also includes practices. During those practices, coaches will separate out positions from one another to focus on their roles. The same can happen in an orchestra or band as the leader separates out instruments into proper sections for more intentional focus. In the same way, Systematic Theology is the separating out of Christian doctrines from the Scriptures to focus on them individually.

Just like in sports, the point of the separation in practice is for the unity of the team during the game. In music, the point of the separation is the harmony during the performance. In Systematic Theology, we must remember that the point of the separation is ultimately for the unity and harmony of all truth in Scripture that plays its part perfectly together  display the glory of the Gospel. Do not teach students Systematic Theology if you do not wish to bring it back all together for the sake of the Gospel!  Continue reading

Throwback: Reverse the Curse (Genesis 3)

Throwback – 3 – Reverse The Curse – Genesis 3 (sermon)

Throwback – 3 – Curse – Genesis 3 (curriculum)

Throwback – 3 – Curse – Genesis 3 (slides)

The best way to resist sin is to know Satan’s strategy for sin. Genesis 3 is the best chapter in the entire Bible to let us in on Satan’s secret strategy for sin. The sermon will show your students how sin is far more serious than they even realize. Feel free to download these resources and make them your own.