Rise Up: Leading the Next Generation [by Quin Shipp]

In this sermon series “Rise Up” we take a look at the book of Joshua as God teaches us how to lead the next generation. We desires our students to both follow Jesus and lead their own generation. “Leadership is following Jesus and brining others with you.”  Continue reading

Straight Outta Egypt: Leadership (Exodus 2-6)

Straight Outta Egypt is our series moving through the first part of Exodus. This message was on learning about leadership through the book of Moses. Although Moses was not a model leader in the beginning, we do learn about our call to lead through His call to lead from God. Here are some quotes from our sermon that are very important for students to live.

Everyone is looking for a leader.

Leadership is simply following Jesus and bringing others with you.

Jesus is our Better Moses.

Jesus is not your Savior if you don’t follow Him as your Leader.

Free downloads from this sermon:

Straight Outta Egypt – 2 – Leadership – Exodus 2 (slides)

Straight Outta Egypt – Leadership – Exodus 2-6 (notes)

FTL Fall 2012: CBSM Leadership Training Group

FTL (Follow The Leader) is a fall semester long leadership training group for our high school students.

FTL is for those high school students who are wanting to grow deeper and go farther in their spiritual leadership. CBSM defines leadership as “following Jesus and bringing others with you.” In this FTL semester, our students will be studying “Gospel-Centered Discipleship” by Jonathan Dodson. This is a great book to learn the importance of being a disciple of Jesus, the importance of being discipled by a spiritual mentor, and the importance of discipling others towards Jesus. The book will be provided for the students who want to be involved. Here is the application that every student must fill-out and turn in by Sunday, September 2nd.
FTL FALL 2012 App.doc

Next Level Leadership: 6 Things A Teen Leader Is Not

Here are my notes that I did for a breakout session at a Disciple Now Event recently. It was for all the teenage student leaders who wanted to grow in their leadership style, potential, and influence. We took them to Ephesians 4:1-16 which is a fascinating passage on how to lead and serve in the church for the glory of Christ

Intro: Leading Jody Down The Road
10% of teens in ym are good leaders. 10% are bad leaders. 80% are followers.

Definition: Leadership is simply following Jesus and bringing others with you.

1 I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called,2 with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love,3 eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.
You have been called by God, so live like it! The gospel calls and humbles you.
Humility is not feeling bad about yourself, but its feeling great about Jesus and seeing yourself through that lens.
Leadership is not about you, but Jesus!
People don’t follow cocky people, but they use them for their popularity, etc.

Continue reading

2012 SMT’s: Student Ministry Teams of CBSM

Our SMT’s are teams that CBSM students join in order to do ministry on a weekly basis. We strongly believe in spiritual giftedness, serving, and ministering through the church and for the glory of Jesus! We believe that God has given every teenager gifts, talents, and abilities that they are naturally good at. Through salvation, God redeems those gifts, talents, and abilities to for the use of His kingdom (Eph 4:1-11). We believe that every teenager should be using their giftedness specifically through the church (Eph 4:12). Lastly, we believe that every gift, talent, and ability should be used fully for the glory of Jesus (Eph 4:13-16). We want our teens to be bored if they aren’t serving Jesus in some specific way that reflects their giftedness. Lastly, We want our teens to understand that our ministry will not be as excellent, fruitfull, smooth, or cool without them using their giftedness for Jesus through CBSM.

Every semester we go over “how to discern their spiritual giftedness” with our students, and we announce all the different teams that they would get to serve on. They pick their teams, make their commitment to serve, and get on board for the rest of the semester.

Here are the 2 documents of our SMT’s for both Middle and High School
Middle School SMT Line-Up: SMT Spring 2012 MS Breakdown.doc
High School SMT Line-Up: SMT Spring 2012 HS Breakdown.doc

KTL 2012: Training Teens to be Preachers and Teachers

“KTL” is CBSM’s opportunity to training teenagers on how to preach and teach the Word of God. For whatever crazy reason, God has blessed us with teenagers who are called into ministry, guys who are called to be pastors, girls who feel called to be missionaries, and both who feel called to simply teach God’s Word throughout their lives in different settings. This could be Bible studies, Sunday school classes, discipleship classes, or even family devotions at home when they become fathers and mothers. Whatever the calling, we want to equip them to know God’s Word, interpret God’s Word rightly, apply it correctly, and learn how to deliver it for people to hear clearly.

KTL will meet on Sunday nights from 8:00 – 9:30pm. Our main sessions over about 3 months will be how to see Christ clearly in each passage, how to see the gospel centered in each passage, how to discern the main truth from each passage, how to get the main application out of each passage, how to illustrate a lesson well, and how to introduce and conclude when you’re teaching and preaching.

Every study must fill out a KTL application form, turn it in, and be accepted. We will begin this Sunday night at 8:00pm and meet in the student building.
Here is the application form:
KTL SPRING 2012 App and Schedule
Here is what a KTL class session sounds like:
KTL 2011 – 01 – Preaching Christ (mp3)

My Thoughts on Elder Leadership

Tomorrow we are having a historic vote in our church. The pastors unanimously (also the leadership team and deacons) are leading our church into voting for an Elder Leadership. Before this vote happens tomorrow, I just wanted to share my thoughts on it in case anyone is interested in what’s going on in this youth pastor’s head. My ultimate prayer is that we would not fight like the devil while we vote to glorify Jesus best in our church. Eph 4:3 is clear that the Spirit of God has already given us unity in our church, and its our job to simply maintain it. We cannot create unity because God has already blessed us with it through the gospel of Christ, but we can maintain the unity by being biblical, loving, honest, truthful, aboveboard, merciful, gracious, PEACEFUL, and kind even in matters where we may not agree. God, please do not allow us to fight like the devil while we are all making our own decision in this vote to lead this church like Jesus!

Here are 3 reasons why I am for Elder Leadership in my church:
1. A plurality of elders leading the church is biblical. Acts 14:23 tells us that Paul went around during his missionary and church planting journeys appointing elders (plural) to each church. The reason that is important is because many people believe churches should only have one elder/pastor. The biblical terms “elder”, “pastor”, “bishop”, “shepherd”, and “overseer” are all synonymous for the exact same biblical office. The only other office of the church is deacon, and that is a serving role while the elder/pastor office is a leading-teaching role. Our church does already have a plurality of elders/pastors. As of right now, we have 5 pastors on staff. 1 Timothy 5:17 says to pay your ruling pastors double (ha – it really does!) especially those who labor in preaching and teaching. While this post is nothing about money, this Scripture does say that pastors do rule (lead) the church, and that there are pastors/elders who labor in teaching/preaching…and those who don’t. 1 Peter 5 tells pastors not to lord their leadership over the flock, and 1 Timothy 3 says that every elder must be able to teach the church. So in view of all this, I believe that a plurality of elders/pastors should be in place to lead and feed the church in order for it to be a biblical church.

2. A plurality of lay elders leading the church is practical. People may be wondering, but this vote isn’t for a plurality of elders since we already have 5 pastors in place who are leading and feeding the church. True, this vote is all about adding lay elders to our existing elder/pastor team. I have heard statistics several times saying pastors can only effectively know and shepherd 150 people at a time. In other words, there should be at least one pastor to every 150 people in the church congregation. Right now we have 5 pastors and averaging about 850 people per Sunday. We just stretched our budget to bring on our 5th pastor, and our 5 pastors can effectively lead 750 people total (per the statistic). This means, we’re already running behind the curve. We have at least 100 people in our church who are not effectively being ministered to, and I guarantee you there are far more because we are so stretched. Some churches just hire way more pastors, but then that leaves less money for the ministries of the church to function well. I believe adding on biblically qualified and called lay elders to our existing elder/pastoral team is the answer. Ephesians 4:11 says that God gives “shepherds” to the church. I believe that there are qualified men in our church who are called to be elders/pastors/shepherds, but they don’t have an opportunity to do so. This will answer both our churches need for more shepherding/pastoral care as well as their calling to lead as elders. Continue reading

Storyline #72: Nehemiah 11-13 “The City Life: CBSM in the City″

Free resources for youth pastors and small group leaders:

4 – Nehemiah 11-13 – Leaders (mp3)

4 – Nehemiah 11-13 – Leaders (handout)

4 – Nehemiah 11-13 – Leaders (ppt)

4 – Game – Name that City (ppt)

4 – Nehemiah 11-13 – Leaders (sermon)

4 – Nehemiah 11-13 – Leaders (commentary)

4 – Nehemiah 11-13 – Leaders (service)

Nehemiah sermon intro video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlkTrh0mN-Q

Storyline #12 – Exodus 2-4 – "The Raising of a Leader: Moses, Jesus, and You"

Files for my fellow student pastors…

12-exodus-2-4 (ppt)

12-Exodus 2-4 (handout)

12-exocus-2-4 (mp3)

Read Exodus 2 – 4.  This is exactly the opposite of what Moses’ mother was doing three months after his birth when she hid him in a basket and floated him along the Nile River.  God had her hide Moses for protection.  The daughter of the King of Egypt found Moses and ended up raising him as an Egyptian prince who was mighty in word and deed (Acts 7).  God was raising Moses to lead His people.  When Moses was 40, he really wanted to get to know his Hebrew relatives, so he went out among the slaves.  He saw an Egyptian beating one of his fellow Israelites and became so enraged with anger that he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand.  When word got around and the Pharaoh found out, Moses ran away for the sake of his life.  Continue reading