Following Jesus: And God’s Will For Your Life by David Munoz (Matthew 26-27)

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David Munoz is a CBSM senior and 2012 graduate of Sparkman High School. He’s been at Capshaw Baptist for most of his life. He plans to attend Auburn University and study business management. If you get to listen to or watch his sermon, you’ll notice that he’s a naturally gifted preacher of God’s Word. He’s been preaching once a year in CBSM since he was sophomore. I absolutely loved this sermon by David. Every year I like to give him HUGE chunks of Scripture to preach. This year was no different as he had a lot to tackle from the betrayal, garden prayer, arrest, and trial of Jesus. It was a very powerful, convicting, and Christ-centered sermon. Definitely take the opportunity to check it out if you get a chance!

KTL 2012: Training Teens to be Preachers and Teachers

“KTL” is CBSM’s opportunity to training teenagers on how to preach and teach the Word of God. For whatever crazy reason, God has blessed us with teenagers who are called into ministry, guys who are called to be pastors, girls who feel called to be missionaries, and both who feel called to simply teach God’s Word throughout their lives in different settings. This could be Bible studies, Sunday school classes, discipleship classes, or even family devotions at home when they become fathers and mothers. Whatever the calling, we want to equip them to know God’s Word, interpret God’s Word rightly, apply it correctly, and learn how to deliver it for people to hear clearly.

KTL will meet on Sunday nights from 8:00 – 9:30pm. Our main sessions over about 3 months will be how to see Christ clearly in each passage, how to see the gospel centered in each passage, how to discern the main truth from each passage, how to get the main application out of each passage, how to illustrate a lesson well, and how to introduce and conclude when you’re teaching and preaching.

Every study must fill out a KTL application form, turn it in, and be accepted. We will begin this Sunday night at 8:00pm and meet in the student building.
Here is the application form:
KTL SPRING 2012 App and Schedule
Here is what a KTL class session sounds like:
KTL 2011 – 01 – Preaching Christ (mp3)

FTL: CBSM Leadership Training for Teens

FTL simply stands for Follow The Leader. In CBSM, we believe that leadership is “following Jesus and bringing others with you.” On top of biblical & theological training on weekly worship nights, life-applicational discussions in small groups, and spiritual gift training in our Student Ministry Teams…we also offer specific “Leadership Training” for the teens who want to go farther in following Jesus and bringing others with them. The teens who want this semester-long training must be saved, baptized, already faithfully attending everything at CBSM, and fill-out this FTL application. This semester, we will be studying “Gospel in Life” by Timothy Keller. This is both a DVD and Workbook study on how to live out the gospel of Jesus Christ in the eight major arenas of daily life. It will be powerful, life-changing, and excellent training on how to be a follower of Jesus and leader of others to Him!
FTL FALL 2011 App.doc

CBSM Middle School Girls ALL-NIGHTER: Amazing Grace

Attention 6th, 7th, 8th grade girls!! Come join the KTL girls THIS Friday, August 12th at 7pm, in the FLC for our first ever Girls All Nighter! We have an action packed night planned just for you! Awesome games, mega relays, scavenger hunt, Movie (Soul Surfer), the cutest t-shirt ever, worship, and amazing Bible study from the book of Ruth! Continue reading

CBSM KTL Spring 2011

KTL SPRING 2011 App and Schedule (doc)
Our CBSM KTL ministry trains students to preach and teach the Word in the church. It is for guys and girls who are either called to full-time ministry or who want to teach the Scriptures faithfully in opportunities that arise in their lives. We want to be a student ministry who prepares guys to pastors, missionaries, and teachers of God’s Word…and who prepares our girls who are called to be missionaries, women’s ministry leaders, children’s ministry leaders, and teachers of God’s Word in other opportunities as well. We take them through an understanding of how the Scriptures are Christ-centered, gospel-grounded, truthful, a meta-narrative, interconnected, illustrative, and life-changing. Our prerequisites to be a part of this ministry are to fill-out the application (attached above), able to make the scheduled dates, have a life of leadership, sense a call to full-time ministry, or have a desire to teach the Scriptures in your life.

KTL Finishing Touches: How we end our sermons and services

As we are finishing up our KTL semester with a few of our teens preaching through the book of Job, we have had some questions come up about what to do after you preach and after a service.

What should you say to everyone who just tells you, “Good job!”?  First of all, “good job” really is the last thing a Christ-centered preacher wants to hear.  A Christ-centered preacher would much rather hear: this is what God taught me, this is the sin in my life that has been revealed, this is how I’ve been challenged to change, etc.  So whenever I’m done with a sermon and someone tells me simply “good job” then I simply say in return: “Thank you for the encouragement, but please know that all glory goes to Jesus!”  (Bonus note: I have been told before “that was a d*** fine sermon, son” after a message!)

Is it okay to ask people how you did…after your sermon?  I only have one or two people that I like to ask that, and they are always people who will honestly tell me the bad along with the good.  They know me and preaching well enough to do that.  So, instead of asking them how I did, I always beat my own self to the punch and I quickly ask them: “What did God teach you tonight?”  I ask them that so that the focus is on God doing the teaching, on God’s Word, and off of my performance.  That also beats them to the punch from just saying “good job”.   Continue reading

KTL 2010 – 05 – Preaching the Truth of Your Text

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KTL 05 – Preaching the Truth of Your Text (mp3)

During this KTL session, we reviewed last week’s session on how to preach the story of the text.  I went back over a few important thoughts with them on that.  Then I had our 4 main preachers share the story of their passage in 2 minutes or less.  They did an excellent job!

The last half of the class was teaching them how to preach the TRUTH of the text.  Truth is so important in Scripture.  Jesus prayed to His Father to sanctify His people through the Truth of His Word (John 17:17).  Truth is what changes lives.  We must bring the truths of out of the stories that we hang on, believe, obey, and live out.  Truth is what God uses to change lives into the likness of Jesus Christ.  Jesus is the way, the TRUTH, and the life.  All truths point to Him.  It is best to keep it simple and let every sermon boil down to one truth.  If we preach one truth, they can focus on one truth.  Let the truth come out of the passage, let the truth be the overarching theme of the passage God is getting across, present the truth in 10 words or less, and make sure the truth is something to believe and not to do (that will be the challenge).  Ok, I’m done typing now…listen to the mp3 for the rest!

KTL 2010 – 02 – Why Christ is the Center

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KTL 02 – Why Jesus is the Center (mp3)

            When it comes to teaching teens how to preach and teach the Word, they have to first understand the whole goal of the Word.  So many people feel like they can’t possibly remember every sermon they hear from week to week at church.  Others think that sermons are just different topics of self-help every week from their pastor as a counselor.  So, we must first of all focus students onto the focus of the Word: the glory of Christ.

            Before we get into all that, it is helpful to walk students through the many different purposes of preaching that exist today.  You’ll be surprised to go through these:  Best Life:  live your life for God and He will make your life better, healthier, wealthier.  Morality:  the Bible is written to give us tips and outlines for how to live as better people.  Fire and Brimstone:  many preachers preach the fear of hell, Satan, and sin every Sunday.  Fame: popularity and money drive many to preach merely in a way others love to hear.  Liberals: the Bible isn’t fully true, but it is just a book of literature to teach us about faith.  Educator: focusing on the lexical definition of every Word from the original language.  Watered down:  everything just comes down to God’s love for all humanity.  False Gospel:  The Bible isn’t ultimately about Jesus Christ, but its about anything else.   Continue reading

KTL 2010 – 01 – Intro and 2 Tim 4

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KTL 01 – Introduction and 2 Tim 4 (mp3)

01 – KTL Intro Class (blog)

This is our first class session of KTL in Spring 2010. 

The purpose of this class is to equip our guys to preach and teach the Scriptures in whatever setting God calls them to in their lives.  The same if for our girls…just minus the preaching!

Praise God, He has given us somewhere around 20 guys and 15 girls for this class.  They either have been called to full-time ministry, considering that call, or they believe they want to make a difference in their future church as they teach the Scriptures in whatever setting that may be in.  So this is our introduction class and understanding of KTL and 2 Tim 4.

KTL Spring 2010: Training Teens to Teach the Word

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KTL SPRING 2010 App and Schedule (doc)

Our KTL Ministry continues to be a huge hit at CBSM.  KTL simply stands for kayruxon ton logon…which is Greek for “preach the Word.”  That’s exactly what Paul kept repeating to Timothy over and over again.  For whatever gracious reason, God continually is blessing us with many students who are called into the ministry.  We want to be faithful to prepare these students not only for college, but also for immediate ministry opportunities that may come their way.  We’ll have around 15-20 guys in our KTL ministry this spring, and possibly around 10 girls.  The train the guys to teach and preach the Word, and we train the girls to teach the Word to other females and kiddies.  So I just wanted to post for you our KTL Spring 2010 ministry application, expectations, and schedule.  I pray this helps your mininstry somehow and in some way.