The End: What will Heaven be like? (Revelation 21-22)

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In this final CBSM study through the Bible, not only do we describe what eternity will be like for the Christian, but we also define what the whole Bible is ultimately about. Both the description and the definition may be very different than what you’re thinking. Feel free to check out all of our resources for this, and let us know what you think.

One Hit Wonders: Got To Be Real (Book of Zephaniah)

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Zephaniah is a book all about the judgment of God. Zephaniah tells us how huge God’s judgment will be, the 5 types of people who will be judged, how to escape God’s judgment, and what Christians can look forward to after the Great Judgment. This book moves its readers from judgment, to solution, to eternal hope.

Sweet Dreams: A Vision of The Kingdom (The Book of Daniel)

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We are all caught up in a Kingdom! A Kingdom is a culture, a people, a place, with a King who is ruling over it all. Everyone has a culture they are living out. Everyone has a people they identify with most. Everyone has a place they loved to be with most. Everyone has someone they love to live for in their life in order to please. Kingdom is also a huge them found throughout the Scriptures. From the beginning to the end, God is constantly pronouncing, introducing, and fulfilling His kingdom through Christ. This message will help you identify your kingdom, and it will encourage you to live in and for the Kingdom of Christ!

Sweet Dreams: A Vision of Eternity (Ezekiel 47)

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What will eternity really be like? Everyone wants to know! Country music sings about it constantly! “Prop me up beside the jukebox if I die. Lord, I want to go to heaven, but I don’t want to go tonight.” “If heaven ain’t a lot like Dixie, I don’t want to go.” “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to go now.” “When I get to where I’m going…” One of the latest movies on eternity was called the “Hereafter” produced by Clint Eastwood and starred by Matt Damon. Have our Christian views of eternity been tainted by entertainment’s attempts to describe it? Absolutely!

What if I told you that absolutely no one will end up in heaven forever? We have called eternity “heaven” for so long that our view of eternity has become unbiblical. NT Wright rightly said, “Don’t worry, heaven won’t be the end of the world.” I agree with him fully on that because Revelation 21 and 22 says that Christians will live ON the New Earth which will be in the New Heavens. “Heaven” and the dwelling place of God will come down to Earth rather than us going up to Heaven for all eternity. Eternity will be spent in a very physical world, and not some immaterial, spiritual heavenly realm.

For more truths, thoughts, and contemplations on a biblical eternity…make sure to check out this sermon and study on Ezekiel 47 “Sweet Dreams: A Vision Of Eternity”. By the way, for you youth pastors, the powerpoint in this post has all the videos, mp3, and pics of the country music introduction. You’ll love it!

Slavery: A Quick Look Biblically

A class of 10th graders all had to write the same paper in their school on slavery. So, I got to meet with about 10 of them to discuss why slavery happens and what to think about it biblically. Here’s a quick look at what I told them:

“First of all…we are all slaves no matter what. We naturally don’t like the sound of that at all. We cringe at hearing we’re a slave to something or someone because of our pride. We desperately want to be independent, we want to be self-autonomous, but the truth is…we are not. We are created to always be serving a master. This is why Jesus says that no man can serve two masters (Matthew 6:24). He knows that we’re always serving someone through something. Paul says in Romans 6:6 that we are born into slavery. We are slaves of Satan and his evil kingdom of sinfulness. Later in that chapter, Paul calls Satan our master. But Paul also says that we can transfer kingdoms, and become slaves to Jesus…slaves of His righteousness (Rom 6:18-23).

I believe the reason that this country and world has had and still has such a HUGE problem with slavery is because Continue reading

Kingdom Unidivided: College or Christ? Jersey or Jesus?

It was unthinkable where I was on Saturday night (a couple of weeks ago).  I would probably have many of my own disown me.  I was in enemy territory.  And the reason I was there was… for the sake of the gospel.  In fact, I didn’t even go to share the gospel, to witness the gospel, or to preach the gospel.  I was just there to live the gospel.  What is the gospel?  The gospel is that Christ must be LORD of our lives through repentance and faith.  And if Christ is LORD, then all else will fall behind Him. 

Where was I on Saturday night?  I was at a house watching the Auburn game…and I’m an Alabama fan.  Now for someone of you reading this that might be a let down, but for the others you know how serious that is.  And let’s just down to the dirty part…I was rooting for Auburn!  Why in the world would I do such a thing?  I was watching the game at the house of two of my students and their parents who are two teachers in my student ministry.  Am I the only one that is amazed how Christians can get all-out miffed at each other over college football…or any other team for that matter?  Yes, root for your team!  But by all means possible…never let sports come between you, others, and Jesus.  Christ is building His Kingdom…and it will be undivided.  Is that they way you’re practicing life in His kingdom (the church) now?