Storyline #53: 2 Samuel 1-6 “SHAMELESS: Worship in the Kingdom”


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2 Samuel 1 – 6 is a passage about personally praising God in public.  I’m so thankful for the church I grew up in.  It wasn’t as popular back then to have youth praise bands, but I do remember singing with my fellow teens to Jesus.  I remember returning to that church and worshipping Jesus in the student ministry with a soundtrack in the background.  Later I ended up interning at a church in Detroit that had an amazing worship band just for the teens and led by teens.  That experience really opened my eyes.  Then I began youth pastoring at a very small church where I began the teenage worship ministry under the leadership of Third Day and Jeremy Camp (CDs and an overhead projector).  Then we were so blessed to have 3 different guys (John, Jeff, and Jay) lead worship for us at 3 different times over the course of 3 years.  And now at my present church, I’m amazed at what God has blessed us with year after year with our teenage worship ministry.  God has given us drummers, singers, sax players, guitarists, keyboardists, etc.  The worship ministry here was one of the huge draws as to why I came.  I want that to continue as we grow in worshiping Christ personally and publically.  In fact, I wrote down about 10 things I wanted to address to my students in terms of worship, and it just so happened after studying this passage, it addresses all 10 biblically!   Continue reading

Flyin High at 10,000

Looks like its official.  The ol blog just rolled over 10,000 hits.  Technology amazes me, intrigues me, and scares me.  I’m both totally stoked and completely humbled that God would use this blog.  The whole reason I started this blog was because I wanted to make a huge impact for the kingdom of Christ in student ministry.  With so little student ministry resources, curriculum, and materials that were truly biblical, theological, and centered on Christ…I wanted to supply some for youth pastors, teenagers, parents, churches, and Christian school teachers.  Everything we do is from God’s inerrant Word and is for the glory of Christ.  Its so interesting that the 10,000 mark hit when we finish up the Penteteuch (Genesis – Deuteronomy).  My prayer is that this blog will continue to provide resources such as mp3’s, fillout sheets, outlines, sermon notes, service orders, and powerpoints for all those who are passionate about preaching and teaching Christ to teenagers.  So all of this to say, thank you all for stopping by, poppin a squat, and taking a look.  I truly pray that God uses it in your life to bless the socks off some teenager for the cause of Christ.  IN fact, if you’ve used the blog and/or its resources in any way for youth ministry, I’d love to hear about it (  Always feel free to email or comment anytime with questions.  Tell others about it as well…for those that want to make a difference for the Kingdom of Christ!

Seminary and Student Ministry (part 1): The importance of teaching on ETERNITY in student ministry


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There are 4 themes that I constantly come back to when teaching teenagers.  1. The glory of Christ.  2. The gospel of Christ.  3. The church of Christ.  and 4. The eternal kingdom of Christ.  This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about communicating the eternal ceoncept and importance of eternity to teens.  Since I’ve driven home to Florida (where my family lives) for Thanksgiving, I’m able to listen to about 10 hours of eschatology (doctrine of the end times) from different speakers, preachings, theologians, and teachers on my iPod.  Some of my favorites are Dr. Russell D. Moore of Southern Seminary, Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, and others.

Here are the 3 top reasons why I think teaching on the eternal kingdom of Christ to teens is important: Continue reading

Kingdom Unidivided: College or Christ? Jersey or Jesus?

It was unthinkable where I was on Saturday night (a couple of weeks ago).  I would probably have many of my own disown me.  I was in enemy territory.  And the reason I was there was… for the sake of the gospel.  In fact, I didn’t even go to share the gospel, to witness the gospel, or to preach the gospel.  I was just there to live the gospel.  What is the gospel?  The gospel is that Christ must be LORD of our lives through repentance and faith.  And if Christ is LORD, then all else will fall behind Him. 

Where was I on Saturday night?  I was at a house watching the Auburn game…and I’m an Alabama fan.  Now for someone of you reading this that might be a let down, but for the others you know how serious that is.  And let’s just down to the dirty part…I was rooting for Auburn!  Why in the world would I do such a thing?  I was watching the game at the house of two of my students and their parents who are two teachers in my student ministry.  Am I the only one that is amazed how Christians can get all-out miffed at each other over college football…or any other team for that matter?  Yes, root for your team!  But by all means possible…never let sports come between you, others, and Jesus.  Christ is building His Kingdom…and it will be undivided.  Is that they way you’re practicing life in His kingdom (the church) now?

Framework #02 – Doctrine of Jesus Christ – The Storyline

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Have you ever thought to yourself that what you learn in church is difficult to remember?  If you worship with the church in Sunday school, Sunday morning worship, Sunday evening worship, Sunday evening Discipleship Training, and Wednesday evening worship, then you may feel like its impossible to really remember everything you hear.  If you think that, I’m with you!  That is why there needs to be one central, overarching point to every message, sermon, and lesson just like there is one central theme in the Bible.  Continue reading