Mark 5 – The Authority of Christ in Missions (by Justin Nettles)

Justin is one of our CBSM summer interns. Our summer interns are given tons of responsibilities like: write a message each each from the passage CBSM is going through that week, walk through their study of the message with Pastor Chip, go to staff meetings, go to CBSM small groups, lead a CBSM small group once over the summer, take one student out to eat to mentor them each week, complete miscellaneous tasks, work for/with each church staff member, etc. Since Justin believes he is called to be a youth pastor, I also gave him an opportunity to teach our students. So here he goes…Mark 5…The Authority of Christ in Missions (by Justin Nettles). Mark 5 on The Authority of Christ in Missions by Justin Nettles (mp3)

CBSM Video Newscast #7

Our somewhat weekly video announcements: this Wednesday’s worship service, CBSM Christmas Par-tay, CBSM Christmas worship service, Storyline, Framework, SMTs (Student Ministry Teams), service video ideas, game ideas, etc. 

Weekly Student Newsletter:  12.6.09 (pdf)