One Hit Wonders: Who Let The Dogs Out (Book of Amos by Jacob Fowler)

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Myself and several of our CBSM high schoolers were out of town, so I asked Jacob Fowler to guest teach CBSM for me. Jacob graduated out of CBSM in 2008. He is a student at the University of Mobile where he is studying theology to become a full-time youth pastor. You will love Jacob’s humor, stories, and understanding of the Bible as he preaches on the whole book of Amos in a Christ-centered and applicational kind of way.

Framework #22 – “Doctrine of God: God is Good”

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Go ahead and be thinking to yourself: “In what ways are humans like God and not like God?” What does it mean that we were created in God’s image? Did God fully make us like Him? Can we fully become like Him? Did He share everything true about Himself partly with us? Can we become more like Him if we’re already in His image? Continue reading