The End: What will Jesus’ Return be like? (Revelation 19)

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This was probably my favorite sermon to preach ever! Revelation 19 is the climax of all the Bible. Its where everything leads up to. Its where are the promises and prophecies are fulfilled. Its where every story points toward. This is the return/second coming of Jesus. And trust me, it will be very different than you think!

I Love My Church: Because We Don’t Listen To Creepers (Jude)

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Being the brother of Jesus, Jude seems like he would be Mr. Nice Guy. But when you read his book, you’ll see he gets serious with some straight up real talk to his readers about avoiding false teachers and living for Jesus. Jude does not play around when it comes to sin. He warns Christians about judgment, and calls them out on the carpet! You’ll definitely love this study. Let us know your thoughts!

Sin <<< Salvation: What will God do about my sin? (Judgment)

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“God is not mad at you, no matter what” is a sign I read at least every week as I drive into Huntsville, AL. It is terrifying to know that very few churches are teaching the truth on God’s judgment awaiting unbelievers for their sin. They have been separated from Him and they will be judged. This is a very real and intense message on understanding a sinner’s separation from God, God’s judgment on sin, and everything a believer has to be thankful for.

One Hit Wonders: Got To Be Real (Book of Zephaniah)

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Zephaniah is a book all about the judgment of God. Zephaniah tells us how huge God’s judgment will be, the 5 types of people who will be judged, how to escape God’s judgment, and what Christians can look forward to after the Great Judgment. This book moves its readers from judgment, to solution, to eternal hope.

One Hit Wonders: Ice Ice Baby (Book of Obadiah)

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I know something about you that you may now know that I know. I know this about you because God has said it about all of us. Here’s the truth: we are all incredibly cocky people. We all struggle with pride in some really sick and selfish ways. Our sin all comes down to pride because our sin is coming from a prideful spirit…Satan. Obadiah is all about God confronting people on their pride, and how we can experience humility in our lives as we live for Jesus. You will be surprised to learn what the actual definitely of pride is. Check this study out, and I promise God will get in your face, rebuke you, and restore you through Christ in humility.

One Hit Wonders: Who Let The Dogs Out (Book of Amos by Jacob Fowler)

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Myself and several of our CBSM high schoolers were out of town, so I asked Jacob Fowler to guest teach CBSM for me. Jacob graduated out of CBSM in 2008. He is a student at the University of Mobile where he is studying theology to become a full-time youth pastor. You will love Jacob’s humor, stories, and understanding of the Bible as he preaches on the whole book of Amos in a Christ-centered and applicational kind of way.

Framework #12 – MACRO Theology – View of Apologetics: How does theology answer the world?

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I remember feeling so helpless and powerless.  When I was 18 and working at a golf course in Tuscaloosa, the regular morning drill was getting paired off to go out on the golf carts and accomplish the daily golf course duties.  On one morning, I was paired up with Matt, who was a devout and practicing Roman Catholic able to explain his faith very well.  After hearing his spiel, I was perplexed.  How could I ever put my faith in “the gospel of Jesus Christ alone” into words in such a way that would convince him to believe my way over his?  But that was the problem.  I was only thinking of it as trying to explain my faith rather than explaining THE faith!

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Christocentrism #2 – 1 Cor. 3:10-15 – Jesus Christ is our Motivation

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When I went to Africa on a mission trip, it wasn’t the differences of Africans from Americans that shocked me.  It was their similarities.  Just like American teenagers, the Ugandan senior high boys seemed “too cool” to get involved, the senior high girls sat around giggling about the guys, and all the junior highers were enjoying the games shamelessly.  I had to keep reminding myself, “Chip, your not in Kansas (USA) anymore!”  Watching how teenage guys are prone to video games, wrestling, and grunting while teenage girls naturally love giggling, discussions, and frequent bathroom trips together…I’m convinced that both genders operate off different motivations.  Teenage guys are motivated by action while teenage girls are motivated by affection.    Continue reading