I Love My Church: Because We Don’t Listen To Creepers (Jude)

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Being the brother of Jesus, Jude seems like he would be Mr. Nice Guy. But when you read his book, you’ll see he gets serious with some straight up real talk to his readers about avoiding false teachers and living for Jesus. Jude does not play around when it comes to sin. He warns Christians about judgment, and calls them out on the carpet! You’ll definitely love this study. Let us know your thoughts!

KTL 2009 #2: Teaching Teens to Preach Christ – The Purpose of Preaching


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02 – KTL – The Purpose of Preaching (mp3)

When it comes to teaching teens how to preach and teach the Word, they have to first understand the whole goal of the Word. So many people feel like they can’t possibly remember every sermon they hear from week to week at church. Others think that sermons are just different topics of self-help every week from their pastor as a counselor. So, we must first of all focus students onto the focus of the Word: the glory of Christ. Continue reading