Bringing THE CHURCH Back 2 Life: The Church at Philippi

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What does it mean to be truly happy? Is it even possible? What if I told you that Paul wrote a whole book to a church on how to experience real, lasting joy…while he was in jail?! Did you get that? The church wasn’t writing him letters to encourage him while he was locked away for sharing his faith. Instead, he was writing the church to encourage them not to lose their joy! Sounds backwards, but awesome! In order to bring our churches back to life, we must learn what it means to experience REAL rejoicing. I was ecstatic when I did this study to find out what rejoicing actually is. Blew my mind! But made so much sense! So check this study out and find out what it means to have true, lasting happiness!

CBSM Sermon Video on Proverbs 1 – 9 “Get Smart”

We had an incredible worship service last night as we kicked-off our new series on the book of Proverbs called “Get Smart.” We showed a hilarious video from the “JayWalk All-Stars” collection of Jay Leno asking common people super easy questions…and they barely get any right. We played a quick game called “Smartest Woman Ever” which went great. Our worship was strong and Christ-centered, and our study in Proverbs was life-changing. Proverbs is a book on the importance of gaining daily knowledge and living wisely on a daily basis. But knowledge and wisdom both have a point to it…Jesus Christ! We gain all of our knowledge in view of Jesus, and we live out all of our wisdom for the motivation of the glory of Jesus. We are to fear Jesus as our Lord in both knowledge and wisdom (Prov 1:7, 9:10). Jesus is the voice of wisdom calling out (Prov 8:1-4, 1 Cor 1:24, 30). And Jesus is the Son of the Holy One (Prov 30:4). In summary: we need to live as smart and as wise as we possibly can because that is what pleases Christ and brings glory to Him! Check out all of our resources on this page for more on Proverbs 1-9.

Ecclesiastes 1-12 “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”

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Outrageous night of worship and the Word last night! We played a short clip from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” for our “Annual Lighting of the CBSM Building”. Students were shocked. That was awesome. Nothing in the world like startling students! Also last night we had two brothers from CBSM (the Beaselys bros), lead our time of worship. At CBSM, we believe that leadership is more about making leaders than making followers. This sophomore-junior combo did an excellent job of leading us to the cross of Christ in our worship! Then we spent about 50 minutes in the Word as we took a look at the book of Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes is about as real and honest as it gets. Solomon admits that he did everything he possibly could to pursue pleasure in everything he could get his hands on. You won’t believe some of the things that this man did to trying to find satisfaction. Check out the message, and let God convict you of things you think will satisfy you…when only Jesus will!

Framework #39: Best Book Ever – Question and Answer Session: Anything Goes!

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Best Book Ever sermon intro video:

Last night we finished-up our BEST BOOK EVER series through the Doctrine of Scripture with a Q and A Session. We asked our students to text all of their tough questions to a specific email address where our audio/video guys received them in our booth, and put the best/toughest questions on the screen for me to answer off the cuff. We told our students that their questions would remain anonymous just to make sure they knew that they could ask whatever they wanted to and not be scared. We tried to answer the questions that went best with the BEST BOOK EVER series we had just finished, but then any question was fair game. Here’s the questions that we got to cover:

Why are there so many different versions of the Bible and not just one?
How can I persuade my friend about God and about how the Bible is His true and perfect Word? Should I use the Bible for this even though they don’t believe in it?
I am someone who went through something terrible emotionally and physically. I feel like I’m called to forgive this person and help them. Should I? Help!
How can Christians say they have a loving God when they are so against homosexuals loving each other?
What verses do I turn to in the Bible when I’m struggling with depression?
What happens to a person when they die? Does their soul go to heaven/hell, or their body too?
There were other questions, that I just can’t think of right now. So feel free to check out the mp3 to see how we handled these biblically, Christocentrically, and personally.