One Hit Wonders: Achy Breaky Heart (Book of Nahum)

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Nahum was one of the toughest books that I’ve ever had to preach. First of all, it was really tough to understand initially. And then once I understood the book, it was crazy difficult to try to put into words for the teens. Nahum might sound like a pansy name, but the book is extremely intense. Its themes are God’s judgment, wrath, jealousy, and vengeance on sin and sinners. God says things in this one book that will make you wonder if you’re reading the Bible and if you’re actually believing in the right God. He goes all out on His description of hatred, and He opens up a can on the Assyrians. Check this out!

Storyline #52: 1 Samuel 18-31 “The King of Jealousy: Saul’s Demise”


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6 – 1 Sam 18-31 – Saul Demise (Scripture)

6 – 1 Sam 18-31 – Saul Demise (order of service)

When a professional sports team wins the championship, their city welcomes them home with a ginormous victory celebration.  What cracks me up is when the city’s citizens decide to trash their city after the big win.  That has never made sense to me!  Such as, when the Lakers won the championship this year, there were people looting stores and shops, boneheads demolishing cars by jumping on the hoods, and some whack-jobs trying to take on the police.  Without the violence and barbarian-like behavior, Saul and David are also welcomed home from war with a celebration.   Continue reading