So Many Emojis: God, are you trying to hurt me? (Genesis 32)

Jacob is a man in the Bible that we can all connect with. His life was filled with constant wrestling. He kept trying to get ahead, be successful, and become a someone, but his life was exhausting. That is, until the night everything changed when God came to wrestle him man to man. Jacob’s life went from wrestling against God to resting in God. He went from a life of wrestling to a life of blessing. This message will show you how to do the same.

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So Many Emojis – 3 – Jacob – Gen 32 (curriculum)

One Hit Wonders: Ice Ice Baby (Book of Obadiah)

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I know something about you that you may now know that I know. I know this about you because God has said it about all of us. Here’s the truth: we are all incredibly cocky people. We all struggle with pride in some really sick and selfish ways. Our sin all comes down to pride because our sin is coming from a prideful spirit…Satan. Obadiah is all about God confronting people on their pride, and how we can experience humility in our lives as we live for Jesus. You will be surprised to learn what the actual definitely of pride is. Check this study out, and I promise God will get in your face, rebuke you, and restore you through Christ in humility.

Storyline #09 – Genesis 25-35 – "Wrastlin’ with God: You better hang on for your life!"

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09 – Genesis 25-35 – Jacob (sermon notes)

I felt like I was hanging on for my life as I was being thrown around like a rag doll! A few summers ago, I had the opportunity to go tubing behind a very large boat on the waters of Lake Huron. Unlike normal lakes, this Great Lake is very choppy and wavy. With the boat pulling me and another rider on a tube at ridiculously high speeds, we were literally hitting the waves and being thrown at least 5 feet into the air. I wasn’t just hanging on to the tube to have more fun, but I was hanging on for the sake of my life. I knew that hitting the water tubeless could mean an injured body, severe eye damage, or the risk of being eaten by a sea creature!

In Genesis 32:22-32 (please read), Jacob is doing the very same thing: hanging on for his very life. Continue reading