So Many Emojis: God, are you trying to kill me? (Genesis 22)

So Many Emojis – 2 – Isaac – Gen 22 (notes)

So Many Emojis – 2 – Isaac – Gen 22 (curriculum)

So Many Emojis – 2 – Isaac – Genesis 22 (keynote)

We call this series “So Many Emojis: Riding the Relational Roller Coaster” because a relationship with God can be a crazy ride filled with many different emotions! Take Isaac’s life for instance when God called for his death by his own father. What are we even supposed to do with that? But God called for this sacrifice in order to bring a bigger blessing! Check out to see what all this means, how it applies to the Gospel, and what it means for our lives.

Storyline #08 – Genesis 17-27 – "What’s So Funny?: The Story of the Son of the Covenant"

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08 – Genesis 17-27 – Isaac (sermon notes)

Talk about a laughing stock! As I was snow skiing in California this past weekend, I got onto the lift with my buddy, Justin. I felt some pressure on my feet, looked down, and my skis got caught and snapped off as we were going up. So, the operator stopped the lift as we were about 100 feet away going up the mountain. Everyone turned to see as to why the lift had stopped. He climbs up the the icy mountain to us with my skis, reaches up, and pops both of them into my boots. Everyone clapped as he was the hero and laughed at me as the idiot. Haha! Continue reading