Following Jesus: Through His Transfiguration by Alex Wakefield (Matthew 17)

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Alex Wakefiled (CBSM and Sparkman Senior) kicked off our Student Preaching Month with this sermon. Alex has been coming to CBSM for just about a year now, and quickly became a strong leader in our student ministry. He is going to Auburn University to study engineering. Alex absolutely nailed this passage with his biblical understanding, and his passion to get it across. You’ll notice how honest Alex is about his life, and how quick he is to humble point everything over to Jesus. We could not be more thankful for God giving Alex to us for this time!

REBUK’D: Idolatry and Adultery by Blake Hall (Jeremiah 2 – 10)

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April is CBSM’s student preaching month. This is the first student preaching sermon of this year…by Blake Hall. Blake preached on Jeremiah 2 – 10 which is all about God rebuking His people for their sins of idolatry and adultery. When we are learning about rebuke as Christians, we have to know what we’re up against and what sin is. Idolatry is not just people in 3rd world countries and a part of pagan religions who bow down to little stone statues. Idolatry is woshiping anything other than Jesus. Idolatry is putting anything on a higher or equal plane than God. So Idolatry can be anyone or anything that we put the majority of our love, thoughts, time, money, etc into. Also, adultery is not just a married person having sex with someone else. Eventually, nearly everyone will be married. So there are adulterous sins for single teenagers. When they go too far physically or sexually with someone else who is not their spouse. That too is adulterous sin. So check out Blake’s sermon on sins that need to be rebuked, and how Jesus can overpower our sin so that we can worship Him alone in purity!

Acts 19 – “iWorship: by Deleting Idols” (by Curt Mize)

Curt Mize is my go to guy. Whenever I’m out of town and Curt is available, I want him teaching CBSM! Curt will be a sophomore at Auburn University this semester, he is heavily involved in ministry at one of the greatest churches in America there, and he has a heart and mind for Christ. God has gifted him to preach the stars down. So when I was out of town for our San Diego CBSM mission trip, I asked Curt to preach on Idolatry to stay within the Worship series that we’ve been going through. God led him to Acts 19 with a super practical sermon on how to delete idolatry from your life and worship Jesus only. Check it out! 9b – Acts 19 – iWorship by Deleting Idols (mp3)

Storyline #63: 2 Kings 17-25 “NATIONAL TREASURE: Book of the Law”

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1 Kings Sermon Intro Video:

            I am absolutely amazed at what God is currently doing in our church.  We just came off our revival week called “HarvestFEST.”  Get this: about 100 people saved, about 60 baptized, and 850 teens attended on student night.  It was one of the best weeks of my life.  I’m so thankful that God has included me in His plan to be a part of this miraculous work here in our church.  God is not only blessing us numerically, but He is also blessing so many personally.  I’ve counseled with many who have converted to Christ, who are repenting of sin, who are making decisions to follow Jesus more specifically, and who need answers to their questions. 

            So how’s your life?  Are you walking with Christ?  Have you given it totally over to Him for your eternal salvation by trusting in His death on the cross and therefore turning from your sin, and by trusting in His resurrection from the dead and therefore following Him as the Lord of your life?  Have you biblically obeyed Him by getting baptized in your church as the first step of your obedience?  Are you biblically a participating member of a local church and worshipping Jesus with other believers?  If you are someone who is a new believer, young in your faith, or still need to learn a whole lot…I have an apology for you.  We, as the church, can often do a very poor job of teaching you the basics on how to live your life for Christ, but God has led us to a few chapters this week that will show us exactly how we can live and walk with Jesus!  Continue reading