Storyline #53: 2 Samuel 1-6 “SHAMELESS: Worship in the Kingdom”


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2 Samuel 1 – 6 is a passage about personally praising God in public.  I’m so thankful for the church I grew up in.  It wasn’t as popular back then to have youth praise bands, but I do remember singing with my fellow teens to Jesus.  I remember returning to that church and worshipping Jesus in the student ministry with a soundtrack in the background.  Later I ended up interning at a church in Detroit that had an amazing worship band just for the teens and led by teens.  That experience really opened my eyes.  Then I began youth pastoring at a very small church where I began the teenage worship ministry under the leadership of Third Day and Jeremy Camp (CDs and an overhead projector).  Then we were so blessed to have 3 different guys (John, Jeff, and Jay) lead worship for us at 3 different times over the course of 3 years.  And now at my present church, I’m amazed at what God has blessed us with year after year with our teenage worship ministry.  God has given us drummers, singers, sax players, guitarists, keyboardists, etc.  The worship ministry here was one of the huge draws as to why I came.  I want that to continue as we grow in worshiping Christ personally and publically.  In fact, I wrote down about 10 things I wanted to address to my students in terms of worship, and it just so happened after studying this passage, it addresses all 10 biblically!   Continue reading

Romans 12:1-2 “How’s Your Worship?: Spiritual Worship with our Physical Bodies”

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Last night we had a sweet college worship service.  One of our high school graduates (’08) Jeremy Coburn brought in the praise band that he’s a part of: “Selfless Praise.”  They rocked the house with some intense worship songs that focused our hearts onto Christ. 

Between their two worship sets, I had the opportunity to address our college students.  The reason we had this event was to welcome in our new college ministry members who had just graduated from high school.  So I wanted to speak from a passage that would introduce to them our purpose as a college ministry and challenge them to live lives of worship.  So I landed on a really interesting passage that is very popular, but its also very misunderstood from my angle.  So feel free to check out the mp3 and read the notes on Romans 12:1-2 “How’s Your Worship?: Spiritual Worship with our Physical Bodies.”