One Hit Wonders: What Is Love? (Book of Hosea)

Free resources for youth pastors and small group leaders:
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Hosea is a super edgy and risque story filled with sex, adultery, whoredom, cheaters and…forgiveness, love, faithfulness, and real life stuff. Its a story that truly happened historically to teach us the most important spiritual truth ever: God’s gracious love through the gospel. We normally don’t like to read the Minor Prophets because they call us out on our sin, and we love our sin too much to let go of it. So we usually skip them. But we need them. We need that confrontation. We need to hear how we constantly cheat on God, and we need to hear about His persistent, relentless, loving pursuit of us. Hosea is a must read!

Hosea: What To Do When Your Worship Service Is On Fire!

We won’t have a post up this week on Hosea. We’re holding off till next week. Let me explain why…

I actually mean your worship service being “on fire” literally. Last night, we had a shortened worship service since we had planned a 4th of July Fireworks and Cookout afterwards. We opened the night up with a quick video, then our worship band rocked the house with “O Happy Day” and “How He Loves.” We showed our service intro video, and I got into my message on Hosea. Got through the intro, some opening jokes, and the start of the passage when…our lighting crew turned off the spot lights, got on the mic, and announced that one of our can lights were on fire! So we slowly evacuated our students out of our building, and started our 4th of July party early! And…we dealt with the fire and got a couple of new lights.