CBSM Q&A Clip: Is Homosexuality Really Wrong?

Question: If Christians claim their God is an all-loving God, then why do they frown so strongly on homosexuality?

Framework #39: Best Book Ever – Question and Answer Session: Anything Goes!

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7 – Best Book Ever – Q and A (mp3)
7 – Best Book Ever – Q and A (handout)
7 – Best Book Ever – Q&A (service)
Best Book Ever sermon intro video:

Last night we finished-up our BEST BOOK EVER series through the Doctrine of Scripture with a Q and A Session. We asked our students to text all of their tough questions to a specific email address where our audio/video guys received them in our booth, and put the best/toughest questions on the screen for me to answer off the cuff. We told our students that their questions would remain anonymous just to make sure they knew that they could ask whatever they wanted to and not be scared. We tried to answer the questions that went best with the BEST BOOK EVER series we had just finished, but then any question was fair game. Here’s the questions that we got to cover:

Why are there so many different versions of the Bible and not just one?
How can I persuade my friend about God and about how the Bible is His true and perfect Word? Should I use the Bible for this even though they don’t believe in it?
I am someone who went through something terrible emotionally and physically. I feel like I’m called to forgive this person and help them. Should I? Help!
How can Christians say they have a loving God when they are so against homosexuals loving each other?
What verses do I turn to in the Bible when I’m struggling with depression?
What happens to a person when they die? Does their soul go to heaven/hell, or their body too?
There were other questions, that I just can’t think of right now. So feel free to check out the mp3 to see how we handled these biblically, Christocentrically, and personally.

Seminary and Student Ministry (part 3): The importance of teaching on GENDER in student ministry

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Homosexuality, feminism, and men who want to just sit on the couch and eat potato chips when they get home from work – these are all signs of one of Satan’s strongest attacks against Christ. We are seeing this in student ministry more and more.  Students who are struggling with homosexuality or are tolerant to friends who are, students who are in relationships and the female is the leader, and Christian schools who allows the girls to be class presidents are just a few examples of how we are retreating the truth from Satan’s attack. Continue reading

Part 3 – “Know Your Role: Gender Roles, Relationships, and the Gospel”

People are reading these gender roles articles like they have tomorrow’s winning lottery numbers on them!  Wait, can I say that as a Christian?  You bet!  For the third and final article, I asked one of my best friends who is a youth pastor to write about his experience of trying to minister to a student in his youth ministry who wanted to be a homosexual.  Youth pastors, and everyone else, listen in to what he has to say.  This guy is the real deal who just wants to pastor and live life biblially.  He’s a solid preacher of the gospel and teacher of the Word.  If you haven’t already, you will go through an experience like this with one of your students.  Chances are, they are already sitting in your youth room weekly…dreaming about the same-sex.

“My name is Matt, I’m 29, and a youth pastor in a small town of 4000.  

Last November, one of my students, who’d been at my church since the day I arrive asked me what I thought of homosexuality.  I gave him a bible and we studied the scriptures together.  We looked over Genesis 1-3, Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:18-32, I Corinthians 6:8-11, and I John 1:9.  I emphasized a few things from these passages: 1) Men and women each are created in the image of God (this is where we find our value as humans); 2) Men are created to be men, and women to be women; 3) The twisting of this design is the effect of sin and goes against God’s intention; 4) Forgiveness and freedom from sin are always available through Jesus Christ; 5) The church has not always done the best job of dealing with this issue.  Continue reading

Part 2 – “Know Your Role: Gender Roles, Relationships, and the Gospel”

Whoa, I had no idea this blog article would get so , many hits!  In fact, I traced many of the hits coming from a website on “transgender resources.”  Apparently, this pro-transgender site literally took a paragraph of my previous article and posted it to their site.  I got several hits from that site!  There seemed to be a response on that site pointed toward me which read “people won’t remember what you said, people won’t remember what you’ve done…but people will remember how you made them feel.”  Just to respond to that person…if in any way I made you feel less of a person or less than loved, I truly apologize!  I have no authority whatsoever to deem the value or worth of a person nor who should or who should not be loved.  But, if my comments made you feel a little convicted, guilty, or shameful of your lifestyle, I cannot apologize for that because those feelings haven’t come from me…but from the Holy Spirit (John 16:8-11). 

In fact, please know that I myself often feel convicted, guilty, and shameful.  Continue reading

Know Your Role: Gender Roles, Relationships, and the Gospel


Every Tuesday morning I go to a high school for a First Priority meeting.  First Priority is kind of like FCA.  It is a Bible study, worship session, time of prayer, etc for students at their high school.  When I walked into the high school this morning, I quickly noticed that today would be a very different day for the students.  Apparently, they coined today as “opposite sex day” as a special dress-up day to conjure up school spirit for their Homecoming week.  So literally, many of the guys in the school were wearing skirts, dresses, high-heels, blouses, jewelry, and even make-up.  To be honest, it was very hard to look at some of them.  Many of the girls were wearing guys clothes, but it just wasn’t as appauling.  I do have to be honest and say that I’m very proud of my students who did not get involved in this little “special occasion.”  Continue reading

Storyline #23: Leviticus 17-22 “LAYING DOWN THE LAW: Loving God and Loving Others by Looking to Jesus”

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            You want odd U.S. laws?  You got ‘em!  Supposedly these are still on the books…  In Alabama, it is illegal to wear a fake mustache that causes people to laugh in church.  In Oregon, it is illegal to perform a wedding ceremony at a skating rink.  In Iowa, one-armed piano players must perform for free.  In Connecticut, you may not educate dogs.  In California, no one is allowed to ride a bike in a swimming pool.  And in Georgia, it is illegal for a chicken to cross a road.  Now my question is, “Is this the way we view God’s laws in Leviticus?”  He’s definitely laying down the law to His people!  Do we see His holiness laws as more important than quirky state laws?  Do we see that God laying down His laws is His way of setting up His kingdom? Continue reading