Christocentrism #4 – Genesis and Colossians – Jesus Christ is the Center of our Sanctification

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He was one of the coolest guys I ever knew. This dude totally had it all together. He was a great athlete, all of the girls swarmed him, his intelligence was stellar, and he just had that laid back attitude that everyone enjoyed. During the prime of his life, this close friend of mine was in a tragic car accident. From the accident, he no longer had the physical agility to play sports, he no longer had the attractive look, his intelligence was severely altered, and his personality had changed drastically. He was still the same person God had created him to be but very distorted. Continue reading

Christocentrism #1 – Luke 24: “Jesus Christ is the Center of Scripture”

Free files for fellow youth pastors:

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           It raised the phrase “a walk to remember” to a new level.  When I was a youth leader in Tuscaloosa, the youth pastor and I took a group of graduated senior guys to the beach.  The youth pastor warned them of my love to walk the beach for miles and hours, but they still joined me.  We began our journey at 10am with the sun to our backs, and at high noon we headed back as the sun had crossed over the sky and was at our backs again.  One not-so-lucky walker started feeling really hot later that night and found that he was severely sunburned. After being confined to a couch with a near-by fan, food, and a videogame controller for the rest of the week at the beach house, one of the guys found a strong pain reliever in his bag on the last night of the trip.  It sure made my friend feel better, but he was ticked it wasn’t found until the last day.