Join The Rebellion: Rebel Against Hopelessness


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3 – Join The Rebellion – Numbers 13-14 – Heaven (notes)

Join The Rebellion – 3 – Heaven – Numbers 13-14 (slides)

This study by Liberty Students is about the Number’s narrative when the spies went to check out the Promise Land. In the same way, God has given us glimpses in His Word to check out our eternal Promise Land.  Continue reading

The End: What will Heaven be like? (Revelation 21-22)

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In this final CBSM study through the Bible, not only do we describe what eternity will be like for the Christian, but we also define what the whole Bible is ultimately about. Both the description and the definition may be very different than what you’re thinking. Feel free to check out all of our resources for this, and let us know what you think.

Sin <<< Salvation: What do we have to look forward to forever? (Glorification)

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9 – Sin<<<Salvation – Glorification (mp3).mp3
9 – Sin <<< Salvation – Glorification (handout).pdf
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9 – Sin <<< Salvation – Glorification (small groups).doc
This is the finale to our series on Sin <<< Salvation. Not only is it the grand finale, but it was also our message for our Back 2 School Bash event! What better way to end a series and invite people to give their lives to Jesus than with a message on eternity? What does the Christian have to look forward to forever? We talked about the point, place, people, and the life of eternity. All of these are much different than you may think and probably way different than you've been taught. The Bible is very plain and clear about them! So check it out, see what all we have to look forward to, and get excited!

Imago Dei: Humanity Forever (1 Corinthians 15)

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5 – Imago Dei – Forever (notes).doc
We had severe storm warnings on this Wednesday night, so we actually had to cancel services for that night. I had thought through and studied up on this sermon so much, that I couldn’t just not preach it! We have got to get back to “Following Jesus” next week. So I decided just to preach this passage to CBSM from my recliner. I think this passage gives so much meaning to our very lives. It answers so many questions like: Was Jesus really resurrected from the dead? Is Jesus remaining human forever? What does Jesus’ resurrection mean for our lives today? How can we live more and more for eternity? What will our eternal bodies be like? What will we do for all of eternity? Will we be human beings forever? And what does all of this have to do with our lives in the hear and now? Feel free to check it all out!

One Hit Wonders: Got To Be Real (Book of Zephaniah)

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Zephaniah (notes).doc
Zephaniah (service order).doc
Zephaniah is a book all about the judgment of God. Zephaniah tells us how huge God’s judgment will be, the 5 types of people who will be judged, how to escape God’s judgment, and what Christians can look forward to after the Great Judgment. This book moves its readers from judgment, to solution, to eternal hope.

Sweet Dreams: A Vision of Eternity (Ezekiel 47)

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3 – Ezekiel 47 – Vision of Eternity (mp3)
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3 – Ezekiel 47 – Vision of Eternity (small groups).doc

What will eternity really be like? Everyone wants to know! Country music sings about it constantly! “Prop me up beside the jukebox if I die. Lord, I want to go to heaven, but I don’t want to go tonight.” “If heaven ain’t a lot like Dixie, I don’t want to go.” “Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to go now.” “When I get to where I’m going…” One of the latest movies on eternity was called the “Hereafter” produced by Clint Eastwood and starred by Matt Damon. Have our Christian views of eternity been tainted by entertainment’s attempts to describe it? Absolutely!

What if I told you that absolutely no one will end up in heaven forever? We have called eternity “heaven” for so long that our view of eternity has become unbiblical. NT Wright rightly said, “Don’t worry, heaven won’t be the end of the world.” I agree with him fully on that because Revelation 21 and 22 says that Christians will live ON the New Earth which will be in the New Heavens. “Heaven” and the dwelling place of God will come down to Earth rather than us going up to Heaven for all eternity. Eternity will be spent in a very physical world, and not some immaterial, spiritual heavenly realm.

For more truths, thoughts, and contemplations on a biblical eternity…make sure to check out this sermon and study on Ezekiel 47 “Sweet Dreams: A Vision Of Eternity”. By the way, for you youth pastors, the powerpoint in this post has all the videos, mp3, and pics of the country music introduction. You’ll love it!

Storyline #35: Joshua 1-4 “Passing Over to the Promise Land”

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1 – Joshua 1-4 – Passing Over (Sermon Notes)

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1 – Joshua 1-4 – Passing Over (fillout sheet)

Many, many moons ago, when I was about 19 years old, a good friend of mine (Joey) got a boat. We used to love taking it out on the river, fishing, pulling each other on the tube, and…picking up rednecks?! Actually, that only happened once. One day while boating around, we passed some rednecks just floating in the water. One of them kept saying that he wanted us to pull him in our tube. I can remember Joey whipping the redneck across the river, and watching the tube catch air…and slam against one of the concrete pillars of the bridge. Scared out of our minds, we quickly turned the boat around to go back and check on the Billy Bob. We found him in the middle of the river laughing, “Boys, it sho is a good thang I fell awf back thur…that prolly woulda hurt!” Continue reading

Storyline #27: Numbers 13-14 “Espionage: Spying on Your Eternity”

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27 – Numbers 13-14 – Spying (mp3)

27 – Numbers 13-14 – Spying (ppt)

27 – Numbers 13-14 – Spying (fillout sheet)

27 – Numbers 13-14 – Spying (Sermon Notes)

27 – Numbers 13-14 – Spying (Scripture Study)

His mom walks in the room and says that it’s finally time to start packing for their week-long vacation and that they are leaving in the morning. While most teenage boys would throw everything they own into an overstuffed suitcase, this one looks at his mom and tells her he doesn’t want to go.  “What do you mean you don’t want to go?  You don’t even like it here at home.”  That was true as he was having a real struggle liking, loving, obeying, and living with his family.  Even with his own bedroom, a screened-in underground pool, a Wii, etc, he even hated his house.  Refusing to pack, he ran away from home that night and was found by a Sheriff.  Finally on the way to vacation the next day, he jumped out of the moving vehicle to make a statement: “I’m not going!”


            If you think this sounds rebellious and backwards, this situation is only a hint of what Israel is doing to God at this point in Numbers 13 – 14. Continue reading

Framework #18 – MACRO Theology – Doctrine of the End Times

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End Times (ppt)

End Times (fillout sheet)

End Times (mp3)


Right now our church is working on a revival in November.  We as a church staff have gotten together and made plans, we’ve called the evangelist who’s coming, we’re talking to schools in the area to get him in, etc.  Notice how we first wanted to have a revival here, then next we put plans in place to have it.  From before the beginning of creation, God’s first thought was how He wanted all eternity to look, and then He put His plans in place to make it happen.  Eternity isn’t just the last thing on God’s list, but it was the very first thing on His mind.  Continue reading