framework #32: the doctrine of general revelation – Is the man on the island IMPORTANT to God?

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This is our last sermon through the MOTI (Man On The Island) series. We go back over if Moti really is IGNORANT of God’s existence, if Moti really is INNOCENT of sin, and if Moti really is IMPORTANT to God and to us. We really laid our cards on the table with this one…answering if Moti dies tomorrow…would he go to heaven or hell? Some people may not like our answer…but that doesn’t matter! What matters is…how God answers this question in Scripture! In this message, we had 255 teenagers present since it was our BACK 2 SCHOOL BASH event night. At least 7 teenagers received Christ and were saved on this night. It was just simply a night that God used to rock our lives and our student ministry. I want to thank our students for doing such an amazing job of being missionaries and bringing their friends. I want to thank all of our adult leaders who serve so well and make everything run smoothly. I want to thank Dr. Russell Moore for this amazing sermon that he preached that we could piggy-back off of and turn into a student ministry series. And lastly I want to thank JESUS for coming to us, revealing Himself to us through the preaching of the gospel of others, that we could be saved and enjoy eternity with Him! Continue reading