HarvestFEST (Revival) 2009: A Look Back

Free resource for youth pastors: Zach Gryder Evangelistic Sermon (mp3)

Yeah, so this blog is pretty stankin late since our HarvestFEST revival was back in October 2009.  I’m finally just getting/taking a little time to look back at it.

 HarvestFEST is our “revival” of the year.  We use it to strategically invite the lost, unbelieving, unsaved, and unchurched to our church to hear the gospel.  I hate admitting this, but I used to think this kind of thing was epically lame. Now I know I had just never been a part of such an amazing style of revival before.

 What made the revival so great was the speaker that we had.  We brought in RONNIE HILL, a seriously hilarious comedian who is full of integrity and a love for Jesus Christ.  He really sticks to the basics with a simple gospel presentation and very engaging illustrations.  I used to think revival preachers needed to go way deeper, but he really was perfect to reach the lost at the point they were at and bring them to Jesus.   Continue reading