DECODING God’s Call on Your Life (Jeremiah 1)

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As we are diving deep into the book of Jeremiah, the story starts off with God’s personal call on Jeremiah’s life. There are so many ridiculous misconceptions about God’s call. People think God’s call on their life would be a mystery, a puzzle, a boring way to live, just a request of God, the worst case possible scenario, something they would not want or enjoy, etc. But God’s call on a person’s life matches us perfectly with how God has created, designed, wired, and trained them. God has both a general and personal call on a Christian’s life to live. Do you know what God’s call on your life is? You can find out from this study! Do you know what God is saying to your lame excuses to His call? You can find out from this study! Do you know how God is training you for His call on your life? You can find out from this study! Did you know that God’s personal call on your life always includes that you’re called to be a prophet? Check it out! And learn to DECODE God’s call on your life!

cbsm sermon video: “doctrine of providence – you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers”

Our students had tons of questions from the Doctrine of Providence series.  So here is how we answer their super tough questions to this crazy deep doctrine. Here are some questions:

Does God still send catastrophes to discipline nations or people for sin?

How can God use natural catastrophes like earthquakes and hurricanes to cause certain people to have the opportunity to change so that they follow God’s will, but at the same time cause great destruction or death for others that apparently are already following God’s will in the same affected area?

How do you choose between multiple options of good things for God’s will?

Since God has it all planned out, should I just quit applying to so many colleges?

If God already knows what is going to happen in the future, then why does He have a  will for our lives?

If God is in control, then we’re just finger puppets. If God gives us choices, then God is out of control.  Which is it?

Does God have us a specific person for us to marry?

Does God get tired of hearing same prayers?

Why does a sov wise God answer prayers of dumb humans?

If God is all knowing and does not change His mind, how does prayer change His mind?

cbsm sermon video: “doctrine of providence – what is God’s will for my life?”

This second sermon in our Doctrine of Providence series was our attempt to answer the questions: What is God’s will for MY life? Are there different senses of God’s will? Can I know God’s will for my life? How can I do exactly what God wants me to do with my life?

Romans 12:1-2 “How’s Your Worship?: Spiritual Worship with our Physical Bodies”

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Romans 12.1-2 (mp3)

Romans 12.1-2 (sermon notes)

Last night we had a sweet college worship service.  One of our high school graduates (’08) Jeremy Coburn brought in the praise band that he’s a part of: “Selfless Praise.”  They rocked the house with some intense worship songs that focused our hearts onto Christ. 

Between their two worship sets, I had the opportunity to address our college students.  The reason we had this event was to welcome in our new college ministry members who had just graduated from high school.  So I wanted to speak from a passage that would introduce to them our purpose as a college ministry and challenge them to live lives of worship.  So I landed on a really interesting passage that is very popular, but its also very misunderstood from my angle.  So feel free to check out the mp3 and read the notes on Romans 12:1-2 “How’s Your Worship?: Spiritual Worship with our Physical Bodies.”

KTL 2009 #2: Teaching Teens to Preach Christ – The Purpose of Preaching


Free files for youth pastors:

02 – KTL – The Purpose of Preaching (mp3)

When it comes to teaching teens how to preach and teach the Word, they have to first understand the whole goal of the Word. So many people feel like they can’t possibly remember every sermon they hear from week to week at church. Others think that sermons are just different topics of self-help every week from their pastor as a counselor. So, we must first of all focus students onto the focus of the Word: the glory of Christ. Continue reading

Know Your Role: Gender Roles, Relationships, and the Gospel


Every Tuesday morning I go to a high school for a First Priority meeting.  First Priority is kind of like FCA.  It is a Bible study, worship session, time of prayer, etc for students at their high school.  When I walked into the high school this morning, I quickly noticed that today would be a very different day for the students.  Apparently, they coined today as “opposite sex day” as a special dress-up day to conjure up school spirit for their Homecoming week.  So literally, many of the guys in the school were wearing skirts, dresses, high-heels, blouses, jewelry, and even make-up.  To be honest, it was very hard to look at some of them.  Many of the girls were wearing guys clothes, but it just wasn’t as appauling.  I do have to be honest and say that I’m very proud of my students who did not get involved in this little “special occasion.”  Continue reading