Storyline #45: Ruth 3 “All the Single Ladies: How to get your Boaz”

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2 – Ruth 3 – Single Ladies (fillout sheet)

2 – Ruth 3 – Single Laides (mp3)

2 – Ruth 3 – Girls (sermon notes)

2 – Ruth 3 – Girls (Service Order)

The biggest criticism I get about my ministry is that I’m not reaching out enough to our girls.  I preach a lot with our guys in mind and hang out with them a lot to make sure they are growing as godly, masculine, and manly kind of guys.  Besides, I’d just be one weird and awkward youth pastor if I spent all that kind of time with the girls!  Throughout church history, the church has always been filled with godly men who lead the church and their families.  But this message is for our ladies to be godly, feminine, and teach them how to get their Boaz.  Guys need to read this to get this kind of girl.  Continue reading