Following Jesus: Through His Transfiguration by Alex Wakefield (Matthew 17)

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Alex Wakefiled (CBSM and Sparkman Senior) kicked off our Student Preaching Month with this sermon. Alex has been coming to CBSM for just about a year now, and quickly became a strong leader in our student ministry. He is going to Auburn University to study engineering. Alex absolutely nailed this passage with his biblical understanding, and his passion to get it across. You’ll notice how honest Alex is about his life, and how quick he is to humble point everything over to Jesus. We could not be more thankful for God giving Alex to us for this time!

Framework #22 – “Doctrine of God: God is Good”

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Go ahead and be thinking to yourself: “In what ways are humans like God and not like God?” What does it mean that we were created in God’s image? Did God fully make us like Him? Can we fully become like Him? Did He share everything true about Himself partly with us? Can we become more like Him if we’re already in His image? Continue reading

Storyline #10 – Genesis 35-50 – "Now and Later: How Suffering Brings Glory"

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10 – Genesis 35-50 – Joseph (fillout sheet)

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Have you ever seen an episode of “Veggie Tales”? I heard one of my favorite preachers tell about an episode designed to teach children about Christian suffering. He explained the one where the deliriously-happy veggies come up against the gruesome garlic demon, Beelze-bulb and his henchmen, the Ginsu Warriors. When asked to renounce their faith in Jesus, the vegetables shook their heads and sang together “No, We are His Cheeseburgers.” Then the Ginsu Warriors sliced and diced the vegetables, as the episode ended with a cold-stiff-dead Larry the Cucumber lying lifelessly in a jar of vinegar reeking with the stench of the pickling process and Bob the Tomato splattered against a wall with only the remains of his seeds and ketchup. You’re right; you’ve never heard of this episode because Christian shows for children don’t deal with real suffering. They merely deal with moral truths such as how to have faith that God will work everything out to be good and how to be nice to everyone. Suffering is the silent subject. Continue reading