Storyline #51: 1 Samuel 16-17 “The Shepherd King: The Rise of The Warrior”

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5 – 1 Sam 16-17 – David and Goliath (mp3)

5 – 1 Sam 16-17 – David and Goliath (Outline)

5 – 1 Sam 16-17 – David and Goliath (Scripture)

5 – 1 Sam 16-17 – David and Goliath (service order)

5 – 1 Sam 16-17 – David and Goliath (fillout sheet)

I can remember my basketball coach looking up and down our line of players during practice, and the longer he waited the more my heart would thump in my chest.  This was when I was a junior in high school, and so many players on our team were dead even except for the top four.  Our coach would scan our lined-up team back and fourth for the fifth starter.  At every single practice he would hang his head, breathe a deep sigh, and say, “Chip, I guess.”  That was my nickname on the basketball team.  Depressing!   

1 Samuel 16 – 27 is one of the most popular known and preached stories in all the Bible: David and Goliath.  I’m afraid that is hardly ever taught correctly, though.  I hear it mostly in terms of overcoming the giants in your life, finding courage within you, the little boy who could, and how to face your giants.  This story is not about being a David.  Instead, this story is all about how we’re weak and scared and how much we need Jesus.  Continue reading

Storyline# 03 – Genesis 3 – Reverse the Curse!

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Something I’ve always wanted is a talking pet. Have you seen those cats and dogs that can talk by mimicking their owners by saying something like “I love you.” That is really cool to me…but it also freaks me out! Their voices sound so different than their normal pet noises.

When thinking about the scene in Genesis 3, we can’t imagine this speaking serpent as simply some “copy cat” (pun intended!). Continue reading