Storyline #07 – Genesis 12-25 – You Must Be Trippin: Calling, Blessing, and Struggling

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I often like to think back on the journey God has taken me through to get to where I am now.  I grew up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  From there I spent time in Pensacola for college, back in Tuscaloosa for more college, northeast Pennsylvania to graduate college, northwest Michigan for three summers of camps, Detroit for a year long youth ministry internship, Louisville for the masters degree, southeast Indiana for my first full-time youth pastorate, and now I live in the Huntsville area of Alabama for my dream job.  God certainly did not tell me at the beginning that I would end up here, and I’m glad He didn’t.  If He had, I may have been tempted to skip a few stops along the way which would mean I wouldn’t have met all the wonderful people in my life.  Ultimately, I would have not grown from every experience He took me through. 


            As we study the life of Abraham, we see that God did tell him the future. Continue reading