Q&A for Man On The Island: Is Moti IMPORTANT to Us?

Free mp3 file of Q&A for youth pastors, small group leaders, etc:
5 – MOTI – Q&A (mp3)
Here at CBSM, we love to do Questions and Answers with our students. We believe Q&A’s encourage them to think through the doctrines and come up with great questions surrounding the issues. As well, it shows them how to answer biblically (from God’s Word) when they have a question or when other’s ask them. It also teaches them that its okay to not know something, and to search for the answer from Scripture. So feel free to either listen to the mp3, or read the document below on the tough questions our small groups came up with surrounding MOTI: Man on the Island.
5 – MOTI – Q&A (questions)
5 – MOTI – Q&A (handout)

CBSM Sermon Video: “Is Moti IMPORTANT to God?” Romans 10:14-17

This is our last sermon through the MOTI (Man On The Island) series. We go back over if Moti really is IGNORANT of God’s existence, if Moti really is INNOCENT of sin, and if Moti really is IMPORTANT to God and to us. We really laid our cards on the table with this one…answering if Moti dies tomorrow…would he go to heaven or hell? Some people may not like our answer…but that doesn’t matter! What matters is…how God answers this question in Scripture! In this message, we had 255 teenagers present since it was our BACK 2 SCHOOL BASH event night. At least 7 teenagers received Christ and were saved on this night. It was just simply a night that God used to rock our lives and our student ministry. I want to thank our students for doing such an amazing job of being missionaries and bringing their friends. I want to thank all of our adult leaders who serve so well and make everything run smoothly. I want to thank Dr. Russell Moore for this amazing sermon that he preached that we could piggy-back off of and turn into a student ministry series. And lastly I want to thank JESUS for coming to us, revealing Himself to us through the preaching of the gospel of others, that we could be saved and enjoy eternity with Him!

CBSM Sermon Video: “Is Moti IGNORANT about God?” Romans 1:18-25

This is a series on the Doctrine of General Revelation which says that God reveals Himself to everyone, everywhere, at all times so that they are held responsible and without excuse. So the question is: say there is a man somehow (HYPOTHETICALLY) born on an island, and now he is 30 years old. He dies tomorrow. He?s never been reached or contacted ever in his life by another human being. No boat, no plane, and no message in a bottle has ever come by. He dies tomorrow. Where does he go? Does God allow him into heaven or send him to hell? How does the Bible answer this question? What is God?s answer? What is your answer?

storyline #80: psalm 8 “apps for iworship: humanity″

Free files for youth pastors and small group leaders:
2 – Psalm 8 – iWorship as Humanity (mp3)
2 – Psalm 8 – iWorship as Humanity (handout)
2 – Psalm 8 – iWorship as Humanity (ppt)
2 – Psalm 8 – iWorship as Humanity (commentary)
2 – Psalm 8 – iWorship as Humanity (sermon)
2 – Psalm 8 – iWorship Humanity (service)
2 – Psalm 8 – iWorship as Humanity (small groups)

sermon intro video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeyqm9s9_EY

Our new series rolls on with message #2 “iWorship: as Humanity”.  In this message we studied the different Psalms that talk about who we are as humanity, how we’re supposed to worship as humanity, and who we are supposed to worship as humanity.  Psalm 8 and 139 are amazing Psalms that give us deep insight into these themes.  I pray you will be blessed and challenged!

Framework #10 – MACRO Theology – Doctrine of Revelation

Free files for my fellow student pastors…

03-revelation (ppt)

03-revelation (handout)

03-revelation (audio)

            Imagine living hundreds of years ago in a medieval kingdom, with a castle in the middle, and citizens living as servants to their sovereign king.  Imagine your King making an appearance once a week to verbally address his kingdom from the castle’s third-floor balcony.  Remember, whatever the King says is law for his kingdom and life for his citizens.  All would listen intently!

Likewise, the Doctrine of Revelation is all about God revealing Himself, His character, and His purposes through the way in which He speaks to all people. Continue reading