CBSM High School Hang-Out

CBSM High Schoolers, remember that we will have our HANGOUT tomorrow night in our gymnasium right after our service till around 9:30pm. We’re switching things up from normal. This time, ladies you bring a drink. Dudes you bring a dessert. We’ll provide the tacos and drinks. I’m looking forward to hanging out with all yall!

CBSM Ski Trip 2009 Recap

We just got back from our annual CBSM Ski Trip, so I just wanted to quickly think back through it for those of you who might be interested…or reminisce with me if you went!

 We shoved off with 62 people filling our charter bus and 15 packer van at about 8am on Monday morning.  On the ride up, God was really working in my heart concerning what to preach on for the trip’s worship services.  Two years ago, I had spoken on loving each other.  Last year, I had a guest speaker go on the trip with us.  I was thinking through speaking on things like 1 John, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, Fellowship, Philippians 3, etc.  God settled my heart on fellowship because of how much He used our ski trips in the past to develop deep fellowship between our students.  I’ve seen students grow closer together, students get connected into our student ministry, and students become an active participant at CBSM through our ski trips in the past.   Continue reading

CBSM Ski Trip 2009: December 28 – 31, 2009

skitripslideFree resources for CBSM Students and youth pastors:

2008 CBSM Ski Trip Video:

Medical Release Form (Ski Trip)

Freezing weather, ice-cold snow, and getting knocked over by out of control skiers for two straight days.  Have I talked you into our ski trip yet?  I don’t think there’s anything I could say to talk our students out of it.  Every year this is one of our highest attended and most fun event that we do.  The purpose is this even is just to grow closer together in friendships and as a student ministry as we stay at the hotel, ride ski-lifts, and fall down slopes together.  It doesn’t get any better than that!

Here’s what you need to know.  We will leave the morning of Monday, December 28 and return the evening of Thursday, December 31.  The total cost is $325.  This includes all your skiing, your hotel lodging, your charter bus transportation, and your meals while in Beckly, West Virginia.  Your initial and non-refundable $75 deposit is due BY Wednesday, October 7th.  The second installment ($150) will be due Sunday, Oct 25.  The third and final payment of $100 will be due Sunday, November 22.  We will provide ski equipment forms that you will need to fill out by the 2nd payment date: Sun, Oct 25th.  Also by the 2nd payment date (Oct 25th), you will need to turn in your application form (downloadable here on the blog).  The only other money your student will need is for 2 meals going up to WV and 2 meals returning from WV.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Restructuring Student Small Groups – A Huge Hit!

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 About a month and a half ago, we decided to experiment with restructuring our small groups away from just another teaching time and to a time of building relationships.  So far after experimenting with it for several weeks, it’s been a huge hit.  Jennifer is one of our senior students who we’ve given the responsibility to step down into the 7th grade girl’s class to learn leadership, mentoring, facilitation, etc.  You’ll love what she emailed me about how this new small groups structure is enhancing her class’ experience:

 I LOVE this new Sunday school plan. Our girls are getting much more out of it (and me to). We haven’t been able to get them to read the books or the Bible reading plans no matter what. But I guess now that they go together (Wednesday worship and Sunday small groups), a lot more are starting to read it. And they have all said that they don’t really read their Bibles, especially the old testament, because they think it’s boring and confusing, but they’re seeing on Wednesday nights that it is not at all, and how applicable it really is, so after they hear it preached, they’ll go home and read it because it gets them interested, and they’ve heard it preached so they understand it.  And with them reading it the discussions are soo much better, they actually talk!!  Haha, Its just great….Thanks for everything. =)

 Now if you think I put her up to that or even asked her what she thought…you’ve bumped your head.  That email just totally came out of the bleu, straight from her heart, and got me pumped!  Here’s how the big switch, restructuring, and new system all happened what we’re doing now, and how its all going… Continue reading

Christmas Par-tay: “So, what’d yall do for Christmas?”

christmaspar-tay2“So, what’d you do for Christmas?”  That is a very common question among pastors to students.  I love asking my other student pastor buddies that because they give me such good ideas.  I’m so not creative.  This year, I thought I’d tell the cyber-youth ministry world what we did just to get all the creative juices flowing.

Last Christmas was my first Christmas here.  We had all the student ministry meet at a neighborhood clubhouse (about 5 miles away), and we Christmas caroled throughout the neighborhood.  This year, we did a very similar event, but with a serious twist.  You won’t believe the brilliance!  We actually held the event at our church (GASP!) and used it to make an impact in our immediate community (WHAT?).  Yeah, isn’t that crazy?  Haha, but seriously…we did all meet in our student building at 6pm.  At 6:30 we sent out three groups (7-8th, 9-10th, and 11-12th grades) to hit up three of the closes neighborhoods to the church.  We drove-up, we caroled, we gave them Christmas cards with our best CHRISTmas wishes and our church information, and we left alone.  We didn’t even prank them (some of youth pastors need to hear that as a word from the Lord).  Continue reading

Storyline #24: Leviticus 23-27 “THE KING’S BUFFET: Foods, Feasting, Festivals, and Fellowshipping

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This is probably not a good thing, but one thing I am known for is eating!  Around here, we’ve got ourselves a Chinese restaurant called “King Buffet.”  I sure do eat like a Asian Emperor up in therewith all the cream cheese wontons, egg rolls, and teriyaki chicken I can keep down.  Another one of my favorite restaurants is a Mexican joint called Casa Blanca.  Their chicken and rice dish is mmm mmm good.  Continue reading