Storyline #16: Exodus 19-24. "Camping Out At Fear Mountain: Friendship, Obedience, and Worship"

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16-exodus-19-24-fearing God (ppt)


16-exodus-19-24-fearing God (audio)

            As we turned the corner and heard the sound, we knew our lives were in danger.  A couple friends and I decided to go hiking and camping in the Tennessee mountains over a July 4 weekend.  We hiked up a 2 mile mountain, pitched our tent near the top, and came back down the mountain for a good meal that night with more friends in the area.  Those friends warned us about going back up the mountain that night since many bear attacks were reported in the areas at night, so we decided to sleep in the car that night.  When we couldn’t sleep, we started driving around.  When we turned the corner on the road, we nearly hit a huge, 3-foot-long wild boar.  Early that morning, we decided to hike back up the mountain quickly to get the tent.  While hiking up and winding around the corner of the trail, we heard the snorting sound of a hog.  I remember running like a gazelle down the mountain for the fear of getting eaten alive by Porky. 

We finally got up the courage to go back up the mountain, get the tent, and drive home.

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