Sweet Dreams: A Vision of the Rising Dead (Ezekiel 37)

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I told CBSM last night that if they didn’t understand or believe the topic we were going to talk about, they could not be saved! I told them that if this topic was not understood or believed on the mission field, then the people could not be saved. We here preaching on this in our churches usually no more than once a year. This is devastatingly sad since the majority of the Bible points to it, and it is absolutely necessary for saving faith and a spiritually growing life. What did we talk about? The resurrection of Jesus Christ! Do Christians, believers, or church members truly understand the necessity and the power of Jesus’ resurrection? His resurrection is the most important event of all time. Without the resurrection, Christmas (Jesus’ birth) and Good Friday (Jesus’ death) were failures! So here you go…my attempt at a biblical, theological, comprehendable, fun, and convicting sermon on the resurrection of Jesus to teenagers.

Framework #07 – Doctrine of Jesus Christ – His Resurrection

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Imagine you’re a missionary sharing the gospel with a village who has never heard about Jesus. You begin with creation, move through the sinful fall of man, and continue to the gospel of Christ. Just as you have finished teaching them about the death of Jesus that paid the penalty for their sin, a villager stands up, draws back his bow, and pierces an arrow through your heart, which leaves you dead on the ground. If this village never sees a Bible or hears the gospel again, can they be saved without knowing that Jesus rose from the dead? Hmmmm? Continue reading