Storyline #12 – Exodus 2-4 – "The Raising of a Leader: Moses, Jesus, and You"

Files for my fellow student pastors…

12-exodus-2-4 (ppt)

12-Exodus 2-4 (handout)

12-exocus-2-4 (mp3)

Read Exodus 2 – 4.  This is exactly the opposite of what Moses’ mother was doing three months after his birth when she hid him in a basket and floated him along the Nile River.  God had her hide Moses for protection.  The daughter of the King of Egypt found Moses and ended up raising him as an Egyptian prince who was mighty in word and deed (Acts 7).  God was raising Moses to lead His people.  When Moses was 40, he really wanted to get to know his Hebrew relatives, so he went out among the slaves.  He saw an Egyptian beating one of his fellow Israelites and became so enraged with anger that he killed the Egyptian and hid him in the sand.  When word got around and the Pharaoh found out, Moses ran away for the sake of his life.  Continue reading